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  • GTD in E-Book Form

    Has anyone seen the David Allen book in e-book format. It would be a great book to have on the PDA to read during those downtimes....

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    None as of the moment.
    The best I could find is an AudioBook from Audible.


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      No e-version of GTD


      The publisher is the one to make this decision, and as of now...print, audio tape and audio CD is all we have...


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        E-book versions would be great. I have the audio version of both GTD and seems my commute time is the only time I have to "read".

        One thing I've done (since I often don't have the time to read many of the articles here in one sitting) is to dump new articles to either a pdf file (there are shareware programs that will "print" pdf files) or to e-book .lit files (Microsoft has a free Word plug-in that will turn Word docs into .lit files). Then I can catch up on the messages when I have time no matter where I am. I've also done the same thing with the Barns & Noble GTD course...not as good as being a "real time" participant, but I do get a chance to read the articles/messages this way!