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Weekly Review - Sample Outline and Issue

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  • Weekly Review - Sample Outline and Issue

    Here's my "organized" plan for my weekly review. I wanted to post it and get any comments or suggestions.

    I did it so that I could try to avoid getting "bogged down" DOING or ORGANIZING during the review. That is, I hit project "X", and notice it's a mess. Rather than write down

    Next Action - Brainstorm ideas for project X and organize them.

    I just start organizing there. 2 hours later, I've reviewed 2 projects as part of my review. Not the goal, I think.

    1. Processing open Materials
    1.1. Loose Papers
    1.2. Audiotape Recorder
    1.3. Outlook In-Box
    1.4. Home In-Box
    1.5. Portfolio
    2. Calendars
    2.1. Review Previous Calendar
    2.2. Upcoming Calendar
    3. Review Actions (Tasks)
    3.1. Next Actions - Make sure they're real physical discrete next actions, not mini-projects
    3.2. Waiting For
    3.5. Someday/Maybe
    4. Brain Dump (Perform a “mind sweep”, purging psychic RAM (p. 114))
    5. Review Projects
    5.1. Renegotiate Active Commitments: Canceling, Re-Negotiating, Completing, Somedaying
    5.2. Review Projects to be moved from Someday/Maybe
    5.3. Review all project supplementary material for next actions, purging items not needed
    5.4. Identify next actions and open loops
    5.6. Re-organize as necessary

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    Re: Weekly Review - Sample Outline and Issue

    Originally posted by furashgf
    Here's my "organized" plan for my weekly review. I wanted to post it and get any comments or suggestions.
    The best "outline" I've seen (and the one I've used since 1997) is:


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      Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      I just printed out that two-page PDF. It will now live in my day-planner, where I write my weekly review and evaluation.

      BTW, another organizing/motivational tip: For the next five weeks, I'm going to hold myself accountable for:

      1. What I did to bring in money.
      2. What I did to bring in the customers and clients who pay me that money.

      I'll be keeping a daily diary in the aforementioned day planner.

      My goals are to:

      1. Increase the income of this business.
      2. Kick the marketing up several notches.


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        I basically use David's outline, too, but make this my first category:

        Pray Before You Begin
        Is there really a time for everything, as Ecclesiastes 3:1 says? When I look at my weekly and monthly calendar of activities, I occasionally wonder. There are so many places to be, meetings to attend, jobs to do, and people to see that there just doesn't seem to be enough time to do everything!

        How, then, is it possible for me to accomplish every task that I need to do? I admit that at the beginning of each month my calendar looks doable. Many days and evenings are open to do some of my favorite things. But somehow by the end of that first week those empty spaces have filled up with all sorts of unexpected but urgent activities.

        Have you notice anything conspicuously missing from the two preceding paragraphs? Have I mentioned God anywhere? My problem is that I often don't include Him in my planning. I look at what I have to do, not at what God wants me to do in His power and for His glory. When God is the master of my plans, I know that there will be time for me to get things done in their "season." (Taken from God's Man © 2000 by Don M. Aycock.)


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          Originally posted by PDAJunky
          Pray Before You Begin
          Thank you for your post. I just updated my weekly review list to have "Pray before weekly review" as the very first item too.


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            The problem I seem to have is completing the "review" instead of doing and organizing. That is, I start doing the review, but then start doing one of the tasks. Or, I notice the project seems to need more organizing, so rather than add a n/a called "Brainstorm ideas for project X", I start doing the task. 3 hours later, i've reviewed 2 out of 99 projects.


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              Its hard - even when you pray.