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Palm OS : Why not alphabetical order?

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  • Palm OS : Why not alphabetical order?

    Is there a palm OS version that will sort things in alphabetical order? Like memos, to do's, which seem to be done (especially memos) on the desktop program, but not on the palm it self. That makes things very frustrating.

    Any solutions out there?



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    Palm OS : Why not alphabetical order?

    Try this. Open the memo application on your Palm handheld. Tap the lower left portion of the touchscreen to bring up the drop down menu. Select options, then select preferences. You should see Memo Preferences and can select Sort by: Alphabetic or Manual. Select Alphabetic and then tap OK.

    You can also bring up preferences by making a / on your grafitti writing area (from lower left to upper right) and then writing the letter R. Hopefully this will work on your operating system.


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      You can alpha sort memos, but not to dos (Palm OS 4.1). This feature is at the top of my wish list from Palm. It seems like an easy thing to add.

      I contacted Palm and their reply was "we do not offer that feature at this time". That was helpful.


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        Yes, I forgot to mention that you cannot sort to-dos alphabetically with the generic Palm software. Because of this deficiency, I keep a list of my projects in the memo utility, which can be sorted alphabetically. If you look through some of the message boards, you will find some creative ways that individuals have worked around this problem, such as starting each to-do with a code that will show up in a search. That is way too complicated for me. I start each to-do with the name of the associated project, that way I can search for all to-dos under a particular project.


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          You should take a look of CanDo (, which is a replacement ToDo app. Besides, alpha sorting of Todos, CanDo also has a flexible way to amalgamate categories for viewing (e.g. show all todos categorized as @home and/or @anywhere in a single list). Views can be saved and given names for later use. This feature is very useful for daily or weekly reviews.