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  • @Agendas, @Calls

    I have the traditional "@Agendas", "@Calls" categories. I also send out questions by e-mail (I should have an "@eMailWaitingFor").
    Whether things are agendas, calls, or waiting for is more of a function of where I happen to be vis a vis where the person is.
    Should I just put everything into "@agendas" or something? I'd love to hear comments.

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    @Waiting For is my bucket

    I put everything I'm waiting on a response to (regardless of medium) into my @Waiting For category. As part of my daily and weekly review, I check that list to see who owes me what and set next actions to follow up with them.


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      I use @agendas, @calls and @waitingfor (for non-e-mail stuff) on my Palm software. If it's someone I want to speak with in person or on the telephone, it goes in my Palm. I use @action and @waitingfor in my e-mail. If I receive an e-mail that I have to act on, it goes in @action. If I send an e-mail and am waiting for a response, it goes in @waiting for. Because I can access my e-mail from inside and outside the office, this works for me. The rest of my e-mail either gets deleted or filed in general reference or project specific folders (e.g., Palm Listserv e-mails go in the Palm Listserv folder). Periodically, I move my @action stuff to my Palm context lists as needed.


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        I have also struggled with having things on the right list of many options.

        I tend to start each action with the name of the person it's with. Then @phone actions can easily move to @waiting , @office etc. And I can pull off an list of tasks beginning "Joe:" in all categories if I run into him unexpectedly in a lift. Or at a coffee machine. or...

        I use pocket informant.

        For what it's worth...


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          For e-mail I have a @waiting folder. I do not see any need to also create a task for my @waiting to do list. Although it is easy to create a task from an e-mail in Outlook (and in Time Matters, the program I use), this makes it more difficult to thread e-mail messages. Also, on the Palm it is difficult to further process e-mail you are waiting for responses to if you note them in as To Dos. If you want to follow up on an e-mail that you have been waiting for a response to, it is easy to do so from an e-mail applicatin on the Palm, but not from the To Do list (need to cut and past and switch applications).

          On desk tops this isn't a problem because you can put hyperlinks in to dos and everything is well integrated, but hand helds are not yet powerful enough for this.