Informational Seminars

These seminars provide information that will educate and inspire participants about the value of the Getting Things Done® approach. Participants will leave the course with resources to begin implementation on their own. Brief exercises to apply the model are offered during the seminar.

Mastering Workflow Refresher

Four-hour seminar. Open to graduates of any of our other seminars, as it builds on the Mastering Workflow model. A great opportunity for participants to look at what’s working and not working, and get re-engaged and re-inspired about their workflow and systems.
All of our on-site courses include learning support for further implementation and mastery of what participants learned in the classroom course, including:

  • Extensive workbook with our full GTD Implementation Guide
  • Jumpstart booklet to create their first draft system
  • One year of unlimited access to GTD Connect®, where they can participate in regular webinars and discussion forums, and access our extensive audio, video, and document libraries

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