Optional Add-Ons

Our add-on services provide additional implementation support for your learners. They are a terrific way to ensure your learners are well-equipped to build and maintain trusted systems and make the most of your investment in teaching them the Getting Things Done® methodology. All of these add-on services are in addition to the Informational or Application seminars.

Guided Setups

Up to two hours, depending on companion seminar deliverable. These instructor-led sessions guide participants on laptops through the settings for applying Getting Things Done to Microsoft Outlook® or IBM Lotus Notes®. Participants will walk through the specific setup steps and features we recommend for maximizing productivity in those tools. They will have a chance to begin populating their projects and actions directly into the software, cleaning up backlog and organizing email, and structuring their project support.

Typical combinations for Guided Setups and seminars include:

  • Introduction to Mastering Workflow in the morning and Guided Setup in the afternoon
  • Mastering Workflow for a full day and condensed Guided Setup integrated during the day around the organizing module or at the end of day


Up to ninety minutes. Before a classroom seminar, a webinar can kick off the GTD initiative by getting participants familiar with and excited about the concepts. After a classroom course, webinars can support what participants have learned and create accountability for implementation over time.

Webinar topics include:

  • Keys to Getting Things Done
  • GTD & Outlook
  • GTD & Lotus Notes
  • 14-Day GTD Challenge
  • Guided Mind Sweep
  • Guided Weekly Review
  • Natural Planning Model®
  • Q&A

Huddle Up Sessions

Up to three hours. Huddle Up Sessions were born out of one of our most successful client success stories. They are essentially accountability sessions where participants “huddle up” as a group the day after their classroom course, after they’ve had a chance to be back at their desks/offices in the morning implementing what they learned in the class the day prior. Participants come back to report on their implementation efforts, what they’ve learned, have more time to ask their facilitator questions, and get support from their colleagues. It’s a terrific opportunity to build in implementation time for your learners and see first-hand success, in a very short period of time, about how and why GTD works.

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