Seminar Series

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The Mastering Workflow Seminar Series is a productivity training program designed to improve both individual and organizational results. The series offers three instructional courses and follow up support for learners in achieving success with their implementation of the Getting Things Done® (GTD) methodology.


About the Courses

Level One: Fundamentals

The Fundamentals course builds the foundation for learners to put GTD to work—at work, at home, and in everything they do. The course focuses on the key models for:

  • Capturing everything that requires a decision into leakproof collection tools
  • Deciding the nature of the input and what needs to be done about it
  • Creating trusted organizational categories for tracking projects, actions, and reference
  • Developing supportive processes to stay clear and current on a regular basis
  • Executing on trusted choices about what to do—including breaking through procrastination and effectively managing priorities

Level Two: Projects & Priorities

The Projects & Priorities course is the next level of mastery for graduates of the Fundamentals course. This course dives deeper into the GTD models for defining and planning projects and managing priorities. Course content includes:

  • Capturing and refining a complete, current, and clear inventory of projects
  • Developing priorities through the Horizons of Focus® model, particularly emphasizing professional and personal areas of focus
  • Developing projects through the Natural Planning Model®, including:
    • Defining purpose and guiding principles
    • Clarifying the desired outcome
    • Brainstorming ideas
    • Organizing project details
    • Executing on next actions

Level Three: Focus & Direction

The Focus & Direction course delivers the framework for the final level of mastery of the GTD methodology. This course ties together the tactical models for getting workflow under control in Level One with the more strategic models for gaining perspective in Level Two. It emphasizes the effective use of the scopes and formats of the Horizons of Focus model.

Learners gain a greater understanding of the power of focused attention, and how control and perspective come together for greater clarity, creativity, and productivity.

Course Format

One-day or two half-day courses are led on-site by an expert Certified Trainer. Course content is presented through engaging lectures, videos about the best practices, hands-on exercises, group discussions, and Trainer demonstrations.

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