Workflow Coaching


Our Workflow Coaching is a one-to-one Getting Things Done® training program. Over the course of two days on-site in your workspace, and through a series of targeted follow-up sessions, you will work with one of our expert coaches to build or expand on your GTD® foundation, fill-in any gaps in your understanding of the methodology, and be set up for long-term and sustainable success in your path of GTD mastery.

The program is tailored to you, engaging with your real-time work and tools.


Typical Sessions

Each two-day coaching session is tailored around your key objectives, such as:

  • Building your habits for getting your inboxes to zero regularly
  • Dealing with hard copy and digital backlog
  • Optimally configuring your software for managing projects and next actions (such as Outlook® or OmniFocus®)
  • Mapping your priorities and higher Horizons of Focus®
  • Developing your Areas of Focus and better managing where you invest your time
  • Understanding what to review when
  • Working effectively with a personal assistant


What’s Included

  • One consultation call before the on-site session, to assess needs and opportunities
  • Two-days on-site in your workspace
  • Two 60-minute virtual sessions, within three months of the on-site session, to offer support and course correction
  • The Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity book
  • GTD Workflow Map
  • Methodology Guides
  • One year membership in GTD Connect®
  • Cognitive Preference Survey – to better learn and work with your cognitive preferences, as it relates to GTD (optional)


Your Coach

Our coaches work with people from all professions installing GTD. They know the common challenges people deal with in getting GTD working seamlessly and can expertly steer you toward a path that works well for you. They have a casual and approachable style that creates a welcoming space for you to explore a new level of mastery, personally and professionally.


Get Started

To explore if Workflow Coaching is a fit for you, or to book your session, please contact our coaching team at or 805-646-8432.

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