Episode #112: Holacracy and Dynamic Steering

From the archives: What would your organizational structure be like if everyone is fully accountable for the roles they hold, both implicitly and explicitly? Can you imagine meetings where the things that you have your attention on are consistently and efficiently processed to concrete Projects & Next Actions? Join David Allen and Kelly Forrister as they speak with the experts from HolacracyOne. They’ll talk about the “Holacracy” operating system, how it’s been integrated into the David Allen Company, and how it complements GTD.

Episode #111: GTD for Creative People

From the GTD Slice of Life archive: Musician Evan Taubenfeld and entertainment lawyer Danny Passman join David Allen and Coach Kelly Forrister in an inspiring conversation about GTD for creative people. Lots of wonderful nuggets in this one about finding the creative spark within the structure of a GTD system.

Episode #110: GTD on KQED

From the archives: David Allen joins Scott Shafer on KQED Public Radio’s show called Forum. He describes his system of reducing stress, becoming more creative, while increasing productivity.

GTD and Teams

A recurring question from people new to GTD, or interested in its applicability to an organization, is “How does GTD relate to teams?”

Episode #108: How GTD Can Help Reduce Burnout

Part 2 of 2 – David Allen met with three trainers from our global network, to discuss how GTD can help to reduce burnout. While it has been an issue for years, burnout has been rising steeply since early 2020. The World Health Organization now calls burnout an official medical diagnosis.