Episode #196: David Allen interviews Dan Greenleaf

As you listen to David’s interview with Dan Greenleaf, you’ll hear a theme of service in his present and past work. He is currently the CEO of Providence Service Corporation, following work in several other large healthcare services companies. Prior to his business career, he was a captain and navigator in the US Air Force. You’ll hear the pilot training in his “plan the flight, then fly the plan” approach to projects. Dan notes that as life has gotten more complex, GTD is the best tool for allowing him to be present with other people.

Episode #193: Slice of GTD Life with Jim Small

We have a delightful Slice of GTD Life interview for you, with Jim Small. He’s a professor of pathology at Rocky Vista University, and self-confessed “science nerd.” In addition to his background in medicine, he has studied computer programming, which he credits with thinking sequentially in a way that works well with GTD.