Episode #200: David Allen in conversation with Daniel Levitin

David Allen interviewed Daniel Levitin several years ago after the publication of The Organized Mind. In this interview, David talks with Daniel about his new book, Successful Aging: A Neuroscientist Explores the Power and Potential of Our Lives. They begin by discussing the neuroscientific basis for GTD. Then Daniel explains that there are two principles from GTD that are crucial for successful aging.

Episode #199: Slice of GTD Life with Richard Medcalf

Richard Medcalf consults with C-level executives about leadership and strategy. The company he founded is Xquadrant. In this interview, he discusses how he learned about GTD, and his tools and practices. He also introduces thought-provoking principles and questions for leaders. He created a GTD-specific version of his Checklist for Challenging Times.

Episode #198: Slice of GTD Life with Josiah Ronco

Josiah Ronco is a touring guitar technician who also has two other careers, repairing guitars and managing real estate. He uses OmniFocus as a list manager, Evernote for reference, and the Mac OS calendar for managing date-specific and time-specific information. His advice for those new to GTD? Read and reread Getting Things Done, and do the weekly review. We range around various GTD topics, and you’ll also get to meet his dog. Near the end of the interview he goes into fascinating detail on the logistics of touring with the band. If you’ve ever wondered how a band can do four shows in four cities on four consecutive days, you’re about to find out.

Episode #197: Slice of GTD Life with Tamara McLendon

Tamara McLendon is the personification of a high achiever who adopts GTD to achieve even more. In this interview, she describes her journey from working for others to growing her own business. Along the way, she began implementing GTD, and has gone on to become a certified trainer. You’ll hear her describe her own system and tools. She also goes into detail about how she trains and supports all of her employees in a culture of accountability and professional development. Tamara is the president of LongLeaf System and Network Specialists, a nationwide managed IT services provider.