The 2019 GTD® Organizer is now available

What is the GTD Organizer? The 2019 GTD Organizer is an elegant, functional, and complete system, built on the GTD principles. We created it to give people a way to get people up and running with a tool that is completely aligned with GTD. How to Use It The GTD Organizer comes as an editable […]

The 2017 GTD Organizer is here!

The 2017 GTD® Organizer is an elegant and functional editable PDF organizer, built on the GTD principles. Available in letter or junior size. Format: The GTD Organizer comes as an editable PDF that can be used in several effective ways: 1. As a PDF file that you type into and store electronically 2. As a […]

When to block your calendar

Is it OK to block your calendar to work on something, even if it doesn’t have a concrete deadline?  GTD’er Michael asked about the best ways to find time for the time-demanding projects that are important, but don’t have a deadline.  One of our executive coaches replied with some helpful tips.

GTD paper systems

For those of you that love the tried and true tools of pen and paper, the David Allen Company has just launched a couple of new products that you’re sure to love. Two sizes of personal coordinators; jr. size and letter size as well as a letter size calendar. Made by Mead, the same folks […]