GTD Courses and Coaching

Looking for GTD Training? David Allen Company Global Partners offer GTD public and private courses and coaching services around the world.  Here are a few links to get started:   GTD Training in the United States GTD® Focus GTD Focus is the Exclusive Partner for the delivery of Getting Things Done® (GTD®) individual coaching in the […]

Priorities and GTD

Challenges with priorities and GTD A GTD Connect member asked: I am having a challenge understanding priorities and GTD. I have at least 100 projects, from LARGE to little. Now you break down those projects to single actions which at least triples your actions. So I might have about 300 single actions to be done. […]

Should I separate personal and professional?

Question: I’ve recently implemented GTD in my life and it has helped immensely, but I can’t bring myself to mix work and personal lists. My question is…is it really necessary to mix personal and work lists? I don’t want to think of work while I’m outside of work! (And I don’t, for the record, as […]

Upcoming GTD webinars: GTD in a Sales Role and Getting Started

We’re hosting two webinars this month on GTD Connect, our online learning center. GTD in a Sales Role – June 17 from 10am-11am Pacific Time Hear how two seasoned sales professionals apply GTD to managing opportunities, building relationships, and tracking tactical actions with clients. Getting Started with GTD – June 27 from 11am-12pm Pacific Time […]

Doing a Year End Review

Two of our senior David Allen Company coaches will be leading a webinar on doing a year end review, next Tuesday, December 7th from 10am-11am pacific time.  Free for all GTD Connect members, including those on a guest pass.   Login to GTD Connect to register through the link on the home page.  The webinar will […]

When do you call something a project?

Here’s a sneak peak at our new GTD® Managing Projects Audio Set releasing soon. This new set includes 6 CDs chock full of a tips, tricks and education on the GTD models for seamlessly managing your projects. You’ll hear from David Allen and two senior coaches on the best practices and common questions people implementing […]

Don't be a stranger to your lists

One of the things that helps me stay current with my GTD system and not have the Weekly Review feel like a major renovation, is that I review my Next Actions lists whenever I feel like it and as often as I can.  Whenever I coach people who have slipped out of regular reviews (call […]

How to dig out from your backlog

Two of our Senior Coaches, Leslie Harradine and Kelly Forrister, are doing another one-hour Webinar on Digging Out From Backlog. It was such a popular Webinar the first time around (watch the archive on GTD Connect,) that it’s being offered again with more in-depth tips, tricks and strategies.  Seems like backlog is a common challenge […]

How do you control paper?

Q: I write down everything but I always seem to end up having problems controlling all the pieces of paper and lists; what are your suggestions? GTD Coach: Writing everything down is a great first step.  All those “notes” where you’ve captured and collected what’s in your head, need to be put into an “IN” […]

You are in control when you can see it all

No matter what level or field we find ourselves on, whether it is the corporate/professional aspect or our personal/home life, we set priorities and act on what we think is important. We could call that “simplifying” our lives. And by that we do not mean lowering our standards, but rather focusing on the ones that […]

Being comfortable with letting things get out of control

Question: I listened to your Webinar on Procrastination (you can find this Webinar on GTD Connect, our online learning center) and have found that I have trouble starting to “do” anything when I know there is a lot of unprocessed stuff. I have the type of job whereby e-mails, paper, and other things accumulate rapidly […]

Road to Black Belt Webinar Series

Two of our senior coaches, Meg Edwards & Kelly Forrister, are doing a 3-part Webinar series for GTD Connect members. It will help those of you who are teetering from newbie to black belt–you know the basics, but are ready for a deeper cut with GTD to really make it stick (and actually get that […]

GTD Best Practices of Doing

We just posted the 5th podcast in our best practices series that we are making available to the public (which are normally exclusive to GTD Connect.) Listen or download now. You’ll hear insights, tips and tricks from David Allen and two of the senior coaches on this key phase of GTD. It’s about 30 minutes […]

GTD Webinars

Here are the upcoming Webinars on GTD Connect, our online learning center: Project Planning, with Coaches Wayne Pepper & Kelly Forrister – April 8, 11am PDT.  The Coaches will go over common questions, like:  How do you plan out a project? Where do project plans go? How far out should you plan a project when […]

Getting started with GTD

One of the most common questions we get is how to get started with GTD. New people, especially, will ask this after coming to us dazed and confused by what GTD is really about. And, lots of people seem to be hoping a piece of software will teach them GTD. Sorry, but that’s kind of […]

How long should you keep stuff?

“When in doubt, throw it out. When in doubt, keep it.” – David Allen OK, so what you should really be keeping? This is a standard records retention list that we got a few years ago from our accounting firm in California. There may be better ones out there, or more specific to your location. […]