Are You Capturing Your Good Ideas?

How many thoughts and ideas do you have daily which represent useful things to do or potentially enhance or improve projects, situations, and life in general? How many have you had and forgotten, and forgotten that you’ve forgotten? “I ought to call Susan and ask her about where she stayed in Hawaii…” “I need to […]

Get it all out of your head

If you’re still relatively careless about having seamless collection tools because they know they don’t represent discrete, whole systems anyway: there’s an incomplete set of things in their inboxes and an incomplete set in their mind, and they’re not getting any payoff from either one, so the thinking goes. It’s like trying to play pinball […]

GTD Best Practices: Collect (Part 1 of 5)

How well do you know the GTD’s five phases of  Mastering Workflow?  In case you could use a refresher, we’re going to do a five part series on the best practices of each phase: Collect, Process, Organize, Review, and Do. Let’s start with Collect! WHAT TO COLLECT: Every commitment unfinished is an “open loop”; and […]

Being comfortable with letting things get out of control

Question: I listened to your Webinar on Procrastination (you can find this Webinar on GTD Connect, our online learning center) and have found that I have trouble starting to “do” anything when I know there is a lot of unprocessed stuff. I have the type of job whereby e-mails, paper, and other things accumulate rapidly […]

When you feel like you are losing control & lacking perspective

A Community Contribution from Augusto Pinaud, a GTD enthusiast and long-time GTD Connect member Take the free GTD-Q assessment at to see how you’re doing with control & perspective. As GTDers, the goal for many of us is to increase Control and improve Perspective.  That will bring you to the place that David Allen […]

The GTD Best Practices Series

Do YOU know the best practices of GTD? Although they’ve been recorded for our GTD Connect online learning center, we have been posting the GTD Best Practices series to our free public podcast as well, for all to benefit from. These informal podcasts are a great way to learn the essentials of GTD. Here is […]

The Master Key to Clarity

The master key to clarity is maintaining a complete and current inventory of all your commitments and agreements with yourself. You need to capture, clarify, and organize them, so you can constantly review and reflect on the totality of your engagements with the world, so you can trust your choices about what you’re doing, moment […]

Tips for BlackBerry Users on Outlook

08/17/2010 – We now have a GTD & BlackBerry Setup Guide! Visit the David Allen Company store to get your copy. It’s loaded with tips, tricks and expert coaching advice of applying GTD to your BlackBerry. A pretty common question we get from BlackBerry users is how to integrate Outlook Tasks with their BlackBerry. For […]

What are the first steps in getting organized?

David Allen answers the timeless question, “What are the first steps in getting organized?” If by “getting organized” you mean getting relaxed and in control, it actually involves five steps, only one of which is actually the specific “organizing” component.  1) Collect the work. Corral everything that has potential meaning for you. 2) Process the […]

Tips for taking meeting notes

Michael (who calls himself a GTDer for two years and counting), wrote to us with this question: Curious if anyone has any tips/symbols or shortcuts for notetaking. I tend to write circles next to actionable items when I’m taking meeting notes and starring important items, but always looking for a better system. Here is the […]

Can you tell me why I was going to call you?

We thought you would enjoy this story, passed along by Joseph McEntire. I had a funny and rewarding GTD experience that I thought was worth sharing. Today I found a piece of paper crumpled up inside of my vest pocket.  A pocket I use only for my voice-recorder and not for hand written notes.  The […]

Best practices of GTD Collect

David Allen & his team sat down to record a podcast on the best practices of Collect. In this 35 minute podcast they talk about: Some of their favorite tools for capturing anywhere, anytime The essential tools for work and home spaces What makes or breaks a good collection tool? The essential “red folder“ Collect […]


Anyone using BumpTop for your GTD workflow? Perhaps it’s a way to do on-the-fly mindsweep captures?  Assist with the collection phase? Wrangle your open loops?  If any GTD’ers out there are using it, we’d love to hear how you’ve made it a part of your GTD system.