Natasha’s GTD Story

About Natasha What do you do for work? I am a certified GTD Master Trainer and GTD Trainer for Level 1. I also work as an origami creator. Where do you live? My home country is Slovenia, Europe. Recently I moved from the capital to the Slovenian coast (Adriatic sea). GTD Background How did you […]

Where to find GTD Courses and Coaching

Whether you’re new to Getting Things Done, or already have a system in place and want to gain greater mastery, you’ll get value from GTD courses and coaching services offered by our global partners around the world. We have partners in 82 countries, with more on the way. They offer GTD courses for private clients […]

GTD Stories: Enyo

Your name: Betty Enyonam Kumahor, but most people just call me Enyo. What do you do for work? I find this question harder and harder to answer! My background is in management and technology consulting. I started my own consulting firm about 2 years ago and we have about 25 people in 3 countries doing […]

GTD and Todoist

Our new GTD & Todoist Setup Guide is now available in our online store! This Guide will show you how to: – Understand the fundamental GTD best practices – Optimally configure Todoist in the way we have found works best for GTD – Integrate your actionable email – Create project and next actions lists in […]

Episode #26 – Black Belt GTD

What are your biggest GTD® improvement opportunities? Do you ever fall off the wagon? Join David Allen & Meg Edwards as they discuss what “Black Belt” GTD is, some of its biggest hurdles, and how you can overcome them.   Listen Now Subscribe or Download iTunes Stitcher Libsyn Google Play Music Spotify SoundCloud Podcast Transcript […]

GTD Best Practices: Doing (Part 5 of 5)

An easy way for me to explain the “Doing” phase of GTD is to simply say “trust your gut/butt/intuition/hunch/heart.” There is gold in that, and ultimately that’s what it will come down to. But how do you even get to the point of trusting whatever part of you makes a trusted decision? Here’s where the […]

GTD Best Practices: Review (Part 4 of 5)

David Allen calls the Weekly Review the “critical success factor” to GTD. Why? It’s the glue that keeps it all together.  It’s also one of the steps people tend to resist the most.  Here are some keys for getting the most out of the Review phase to keep your GTD system humming along. WHAT TO […]

Handling "emergencies" with GTD

Dear David Allen: When you have a system and you have focus appropriately. Probably 95% of my usage of my own system is to allow me to feel comfortable with a change of plans. You want to keep your backlog of unprocessed stuff at a minimum, and an inventory of all possible actions close at […]

Digging out from backlog

The next Webinar on GTD Connect will be “Digging Out From Backlog”.  Two of our senior coaches will give you tips, tricks, and strategies for dealing with your piles of “stuff”.  If you feel like your backlog is holding you back from getting the most out of GTD, this Webinar is for you.  Free to […]

You are in control when you can see it all

No matter what level or field we find ourselves on, whether it is the corporate/professional aspect or our personal/home life, we set priorities and act on what we think is important. We could call that “simplifying” our lives. And by that we do not mean lowering our standards, but rather focusing on the ones that […]

Upcoming Webinars on GTD Connect

We just finished the 3-part Road to Black Belt “boot camp” series on GTD Connect. They have been some of our most popular and highly attended Webinars yet. They are now available for replay on the Connect site (for free trial members too!) and through podcast (members only.) You’ll find them all on the home […]

Being comfortable with letting things get out of control

Question: I listened to your Webinar on Procrastination (you can find this Webinar on GTD Connect, our online learning center) and have found that I have trouble starting to “do” anything when I know there is a lot of unprocessed stuff. I have the type of job whereby e-mails, paper, and other things accumulate rapidly […]

Road to Black Belt Webinar Series

Two of our senior coaches, Meg Edwards & Kelly Forrister, are doing a 3-part Webinar series for GTD Connect members. It will help those of you who are teetering from newbie to black belt–you know the basics, but are ready for a deeper cut with GTD to really make it stick (and actually get that […]

GTD Webinars

Here are the upcoming Webinars on GTD Connect, our online learning center: Project Planning, with Coaches Wayne Pepper & Kelly Forrister – April 8, 11am PDT.  The Coaches will go over common questions, like:  How do you plan out a project? Where do project plans go? How far out should you plan a project when […]

Getting started with GTD

One of the most common questions we get is how to get started with GTD. New people, especially, will ask this after coming to us dazed and confused by what GTD is really about. And, lots of people seem to be hoping a piece of software will teach them GTD. Sorry, but that’s kind of […]

The GTD Best Practices Series

Do YOU know the best practices of GTD? Although they’ve been recorded for our GTD Connect online learning center, we have been posting the GTD Best Practices series to our free public podcast as well, for all to benefit from. These informal podcasts are a great way to learn the essentials of GTD. Here is […]