Free GTD & Lotus Notes Webinar with David Allen

For GTDers on Lotus Notes, tomorrow is a rare opportunity to attend a free Webinar with David Allen.  ICA, developers of the eProductivity tool David uses to manage his workflow in Lotus Notes, is hosting a Webinar that is free and open to the public.  Wednesday, April 28th @ 10am PT. Register now>>>

GTD Times rank well in management & leadership blogs

We were thrilled to see that GTD Times ranked #7 among quite a prestigious list of the top management and leadership blogs. We just passed our 2-year anniversary with GTD Times. Thanks to all who have contributed over the years. If you’d like to contribute a personal story about your journey with GTD, we’d love […]

OneNote and ActiveWords — Ferrari Fast

A Community Contribution from Ryan Oakley Whether you’re a proficient OneNote user or just started using it after reading my GTD and OneNote article posted on GTD Times it doesn’t take long to populate the software with a tonne of pages and a tonne of information (yes, I am Canadian). First, some definitions: MS Office […]

Get GTD Times on your Kindle

Hey there Kindle Fans, did you know that GTD Times is available for your Kindle?  Check it out.  We’ve also optimized GTD Times to read it more easily through your iPhone browser.  And, if you just want the highlights of what’s been posted, follow GTD Times on Twitter.

David Allen on goal setting

David Allen was recently interviewed by Scientific American on goal setting. Do goals really work? Have most people already broken what they set just 3 weeks ago? LISTEN NOW (4 min) Like this podcast? Subscribe to our free podcast series. We also do frequent podcasts with David and the Coaches on GTD Connect®, our online […]

GTD & OneNote

This is a community contribution by Ryan Oakley. For me, GTD has always worked extremely well for those small(er) tasks and projects.  You know – those little things that used to fall through the cracks but, with the help of GTD, are now easily tracked and moved on until completed. These smaller projects don’t need […]

A ton of FREE GTD Resources

Here is a list of all of the FREE GTD resources offered by the David Allen Company: GTD Times – This is the the official blog for the David Allen Company.  Loads of helpful advice, tips, special offers, tricks & strategies for implementing GTD. Podcasts – Includes the GTD best practices series with David & […]

Truly Ready for Anything: an image from a Summit Attendee

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one basically says it all.  What could better illustrate the value of GTD than someone like Steve Pugh, pictured below, on duty in Iraq with a copy of “Getting Things Done” at his fingertips. Steve was just at the recent GTD Global Summit and took the […]

A Twitter's-Eye View of the GTD Global Summit – 1st 1/3 Day 1

For those of you that would like a voyeuristic view into the GTD Global Summit, I present for your lengthy reading pleasure all of the tweets from the legions of twitterers that are attending the summit.  (And there are many, at least half the audience is on twitter). These are in reverse chronological order so […]

GTD and the 4 Hour Work Week by Erik Hanberg

A Community Contribution by Erik Hanberg January’s Wired magazine carried an article by freelancer Chris Hardwick testing out different systems for helping him structure his work and life better. He sums up: Now, I know that David Allen is the head vampire of productivity, but if you only have the fortitude to read a single […]

An example of GTD on the Web

Editor’s Note:  This is a piece by a new GTD Times Contributor, David Pierce.  David is a unique contributor to GTDtimes due to the fact that he’s about half of the age of the typical reader of this site.  We love his fresh perspective and the fact that he represents the first generation to have […]

Meaning, Neatness and Organization

I had one of those “why didn’t I make the connection before? It’s so obvious!” moments recently, while thinking through a chapter of my book-in-progress. The three things I connected were David Allen’s subtle definition of organization: “where things are suits what they mean to you,” James C. Scott’s masterpiece on how governments develop an […]