2 ingredients for making it all work

Where do you stand, today, on the matrix of self-management? In less than two minutes, GTD-Q will give you a visual representation of where you fit in terms of the two critical elements of self management—control and perspective.

Working on job one

There are very few times and places we really have the appropriate energy level, tools, and uninterrupted time frames towork on some of our “most important” work.

David Allen’s video from the Do Lectures

David Allen was a speaker at the Do Lectures this summer in Wales.  The Do lectures are all about getting a handful of speakers together in one place, in the hope that they may inspire you to go Do something. To give you the tools and the desire to change the things you care about. […]

A member shares about GTD Connect

We received this letter from Bruce, about his recent experience with GTD Connect: I joined GTD Connect a week or two ago, and I’m discovering that it is an excellent resource. The amount of content is awesome, and you have developed an active community. (Initially I thought: $48/month is a lot of money. Now I […]

What have you read? Take a quick poll

We’d love to know how many of you have read Getting Things Done, Ready For Anything or Making It All Work. [HTML1] (please vote and submit separately for each one) Looking to join a book club to discuss David Allen’s books? We have lively discussions about all three of these on GTD Connect, our online […]