The Power of Imagery

Imagery is powerful. Consciously exercising the direction of your imagery is a hallmark of mastery—in sports, business, or frankly any aspect of your life. Mental pictures, combined with rich emotional texture, have proven to be highly effective tools for enhancing perception and performance, whether on the track, in the boardroom, in relationships, or simply your […]

Do you suffer from decision fatigue?

John Tierney has written a fascinating piece, excerpted from a book David Allen is featured in called “Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength.” It’s coming out next month. These experiments demonstrated that there is a finite store of mental energy for exerting self-control. When people fended off the temptation to scarf down M&M’s or freshly […]

What motivates David Allen?

Q: How did you get involved in GTD and workflow coaching, and what motivates you to continue? David Allen: When the executives and entrepreneurs I worked with. I’m continually motivated to keep doing this work, because it never stops being quite transformational for anyone who applies the principles, and there are few things I’ve ever […]

Finding Your Motivation

In David Allen’s latest Productive Living newsletter, he wrote about the tricky business of motivation. Here’s more sage advice from David on that topic… Q: How does one get motivated to do these things?  Yes, I can put pressure on myself;  know that I SHOULD do them, but there is pain and suffering that takes […]