Getting started with context lists

Q. What do you recommend for lists if I am just starting with GTD? A. One of the biggest challenges that I see when people are setting up their lists initial in their GTD system is they are not really sure what contexts to use. Typically what I recommend is starting with really basic contexts; Agendas to hold the […]

Why ABC Priority Codes Don't Work

Before you spend another minute creating yet another list with ABC, 123, or high-medium-low codes as a way to define your priorities, read my essay this month. You may discover there’s a more natural path for getting you what you need to get the right things done.

Working on job one

There are very few times and places we really have the appropriate energy level, tools, and uninterrupted time frames towork on some of our “most important” work.

What makes a good business book?

Why do you think [Getting Things Done] was so successful and resonated with the business world? I think people were hungry for a model that was hip enough and current enough to deal with the kind of world everyone was in.

How to Plan Your Best GTD Christmas

David Allen’s Natural Planning Model seriously saves my sanity on everything from birthday party planning to creating new programs for my website, so this year, I decided to use the five steps of the Natural Planning Model to create a Christmas experience that is both magical and meaningful.