GTD® & OmniFocus® 3

New GTD & OmniFocus 3 Setup Guide We are excited to announce the release of a new GTD Setup Guide for OmniFocus 3. Given the significant changes in this new release, we’ve overhauled our Setup Guide specifically for version 3. This Guide will show you how to: – Understand the fundamental GTD best practices – […]

GTD Setup Guides

One of the best ways to implement Getting Things Done is to follow our expert advice in configuring one of the many tools we have found to work well for GTD. See a sample or buy a Guide now. Here are the current GTD Setup Guides available to support you: GTD & Outlook for Windows GTD […]

Things and OmniFocus for GTD

A Community Contribution from Jason Verly For anyone who uses a Mac and utilizes the GTD method, you may eventually look into what software you can use to help manage your project and next action lists. Currently you.

The Psychology of OmniFocus

Ryan Norbauer wrote an interesting article on what he calls, “The Psychology of OmniFocus: How to Wrap your Head Around the Finest (and Most Perplexing) GTD App on the Market.” We know many of you are OmniFocus fans out there (we are too) and I thought this was an interesting read. I particularly liked: “If […]

What are your killer apps for your GTD system?

Wikipedia defines a killer app as “…so necessary or desirable that it proves the core value of some larger technology.”  So, what are your killer GTD apps?  What do you use regularly AND find to be essential to your GTD implementation? Where do you keep your lists? Your calendar? Do you sync to a handheld? […]

The gift of MacBooks + OmniFocus + GTD for an entire school system

GTD enthusiast Kerry Gallivan has been working with a wonderful project in Maine that is bringing MacBooks,  OmniFocus & GTD to nearly 60,000 students and educators.  It’s an amazing story and congratulations to all involved in making this happen.  Truly a remarkable achievement which will greatly benefit the students, teachers, their families and communities. As […]

Ways to organize your workspace

This week, in our ongoing series giving you a look inside other people’s GTD setups, Andy Reed sent along some photos for our GTD Times readers. On his desk, Andy uses Inbox, Pending and Read/Review trays.

GTD & OmniFocus

I recently interviewed Ken Case, CEO for OmniGroup, about the ever popular OmniFocus for Mac.  You’ll hear about the history of OmniGroup, what their company culture is like today, what OmniFocus does for a GTD’er, and more.  Here’s an excerpt:   Ken Case: The big thing that we tried to do as we were designing the […]

GTD & iPhone

Like the desktop quest, many GTD’ers are searching for the perfect GTD list manager app for the iPhone.  The NY Times just posted a nice, simple article on organizing apps for the iPhone. While it’s certainly not an extensive look at the topic, nor will it cover all of what’s out there, or even your […]

OmniFocus Speed Keys

Studies show that most people will be 4 times faster on the keyboard by using shortcut keys versus reaching for the the mouse and clicking their way through menus.  You don’t need to know all of them, but certainly the keyboard shortcuts that represent the tasks you use the most can be a tremendous time […]

Hacking Mail and iCal for GTD

Yes, we know it makes for a great debate, but GTD really is for men or women, PC or Mac, paper or digital.  It’s an approach that gets overlayed onto the tools that work for you.  Since so many GTD’ers are on a Mac, and we’re always looking to feature a wide-range of GTD’er styles, […]

GTD & OmniFocus

By far, one of the most popular implementations of GTD on a Mac, is with OmniFocus. It does an elegant job of GTD project and action management on the Mac and iPhone.  There’s a great write up from the “Mac Samurai”about his journey with GTD & OmniFocus. We thought you might find this useful. (Yes, […]