The GTD Horizons of Focus® for determining your priorities

How work is defined David Allen defines “work” from at least six different horizons, corresponding to different altitudes of perspective.                     The GTD Horizons of Focus HORIZON 5: Purpose and Principles HORIZON 4: Vision HORIZON 3: Goals and Objectives HORIZON 2: Areas of Focus and Accountability […]

Episode #45: Dealing with Competing Priorities

Do you ever struggle with managing competing priorities and don’t know how you’ll get it all done?  Join David Allen for a conversation that’s packed with practical GTD coaching advice on how to deal with competing priorities–from getting a higher perspective on your life and work, down to trusting your moment-to-moment action choices.   Listen […]

The Power of Imagery

Imagery is powerful. Consciously exercising the direction of your imagery is a hallmark of mastery—in sports, business, or frankly any aspect of your life. Mental pictures, combined with rich emotional texture, have proven to be highly effective tools for enhancing perception and performance, whether on the track, in the boardroom, in relationships, or simply your […]

Priorities and GTD

Challenges with priorities and GTD A GTD Connect member asked: I am having a challenge understanding priorities and GTD. I have at least 100 projects, from LARGE to little. Now you break down those projects to single actions which at least triples your actions. So I might have about 300 single actions to be done. […]

Episode #33 – Wrangling Your Priorities

David Allen and Coach Meg Edwards give expert coaching on wrangling your priorities. The discussion includes three common challenges: competing priorities, mapping day-to-day priority choices to your higher level goals, and prioritizing as a group.   Listen Now   Subscribe or Download iTunes Stitcher Libsyn Google Play Music Spotify SoundCloud

Personal Productivity and the Inner Seven-Year-Old

There seems to be someone about seven years old inside of all of us, who never matures, and whose behavior either allows us lots of creative expansion and productivity, or causes us to crash and burn. It seems that the smart (adult) part of me has known what to do for years. It knows that in […]

Think once a week

Dear David Allen: You mention you only “think once a week”.  Does that mean you have a script rule about planning out your weeks as opposed to day-to-day? Could you explain that a little more? David: When I say I only think once a week, I’m making an exaggerated point that doing a thorough GTD Weekly […]

You are in control when you can see it all

No matter what level or field we find ourselves on, whether it is the corporate/professional aspect or our personal/home life, we set priorities and act on what we think is important. We could call that “simplifying” our lives. And by that we do not mean lowering our standards, but rather focusing on the ones that […]

GTD Best Practices of Doing

We just posted the 5th podcast in our best practices series that we are making available to the public (which are normally exclusive to GTD Connect.) Listen or download now. You’ll hear insights, tips and tricks from David Allen and two of the senior coaches on this key phase of GTD. It’s about 30 minutes […]

Getting your arms around your priorities

Let’s talk about the Horizons of Focus.  In my experience, this is one of the parts of the GTD approach that can take a little time for people to get their arms around. This is where priorities and perspective live. Whereas traditional time management approaches attempted to give people an ABC type coding system for […]

A vast majority of professionals are in “emergency scanning” mode

David Allen has a regular column on Wired UK these days.  One of his recent articles, Focus on the Unimportant, is a great read for those of you who are still looking for more guidance on the priorities piece of GTD. “A vast majority of professionals are in “emergency scanning” mode. Their self-management consists of […]

Determining Priority GTD Style

By Michael Gorsline OmniFocus is a GTD inspired productivity application for Mac. When I visit the OmniFocus discussion boards, at fairly regular intervals someone will ask, “But why can’t you Omni guys incorporate a way to assign priority to action items?” and an argument promptly ensues. GTD folks try to explain why that just doesn’t […]