How much time should be spent defining work?

Question: In your book, you talk about the 3 kinds of work: 1/ Pre-determined work 2/ Doing work as it shows up 3/ Defining your work What percentage of a person’s time should be dedicated to defining work? David Allen: No rules here.  “Defining work” usually takes about 30 seconds per input (email, notes, paper, […]

7 tips for dealing with email

A Community Contribution from Erik Hanberg Here’s how I deal with email and keep from getting too overloaded: I have one inbox. Everything goes to the same place (accounts either forward to Gmail or I’ve actually set Gmail up to reply from those accounts). I only check email when I can reply to it easily. […]

Is Gmail’s Priority Inbox anti-GTD?

Google announced Priority Inbox today and the emails started flooding in asking, “Isn’t this anti-GTD?” Google says that Priority Inbox “automatically identifies your important email and separates it out from everything else, so you can focus on what really matters.” So, what does David Allen say about this kind of tool and the questions about […]

Quick tip for processing your Inbox

Once you have determined your next physical action, you can either complete it in the moment, hand it off to someone else to do, or keep track of it in a way that you will be reminded of it appropriately. -David Allen (in chapter 12 of Making It All Work) Want any easy way to […]

Tricks for capturing Waiting For emails

One of the key buckets in your GTD system is Waiting For.  So what’s the biggest creator of Waiting For? Sent emails. Sure, you could slog through your Sent folder for which ones you actually need to make sure to track, but that’s like searching for a contact lens on the beach.  Good luck having […]

Why are your lists repelling you?

How do ever expect to get things done on your lists if you never step away from your Email Inbox?  Seriously folks, those lists need care and feeding too.  Just like the Inbox doesn’t get to zero on its own, your lists don’t ever get completion unless you: Do what’s on them Decide not to […]

Can GTD help with too much email volume?

In my earlier blog post about getting your email inbox down to zero, GTD’er Gil asked the question, “So, what do you suggest when the problem seems to be the sheer quantity, not just mail management practices?” There are two things I would look at:  Speed + Input One angle to consider is to get […]