David Allen: What I Read

The Atlantic’s Media Diet series asks well-known people how they deal with what seems like an overwheleming amount of stuff to read. Here’s how David Allen responded when asked what he reads.

How GTD reduces resistance

This blog post by Bill Meade describes a fascinating metaphor for GTD – the bulbous bow on large ships. This bow shape modifies the way the water flows around the hull, to reduce drag and increase speed and efficiency.

GTD and Goal Setting

The reason for long-term goals is the permission they give us to identify with the greatest value we can so it changes our filtered perceptions.

What makes a good business book?

Why do you think [Getting Things Done] was so successful and resonated with the business world? I think people were hungry for a model that was hip enough and current enough to deal with the kind of world everyone was in.

Are you a perfectionist?

Q: Any tips for those of us who get paralyzed by perfection? David Allen: Just focus on doing the next action perfectly, which is a lot easier than trying to be perfect about how you approach something bigger. Be as retentive as you want. The only problem is when it stops action. Be a perfectionist […]

Year End Review of the GTD Best Practices Series

A great way to kick off the New Year is with a review of GTD’s five phases of Mastering Workflow: Collect Process Organize Review Do For each area, ask yourself: What’s working well for me in this area now? What would I like to improve upon in the coming year in each of these areas? […]