Facing the (Sometimes) Ugly Truth

We GTDers sure do like showing off our workspaces. And, naturally, we show them off when they are looking their best: inboxes in a near-pristine state and folders lined up tidily with their labels gleaming in the sunlight. Honestly, I love it. Like many other GTD geeks, I get a perverse pleasure from looking at […]

David's coaching on dealing with change

A GTD’er wrote to David Allen asking: I am part of the senior management in a company and am responsible for a particular department. With many changes happening in the company such as growth and expansion, in a very short span of time, things happen ad hoc and lot of time gets spent in miscellaneous […]

Looking at those monsters in the closet

In my last post, I challenged you to look at how much you’re choosing to sit in your email inbox versus work from your lists.  That sure seemed to strike a nerve of truth with some of you.  So WHY can lists start to repel us? Here are a few reasons why and some ways […]

GTD at work & at home

We love hearing from GTD’ers around the world who are getting value out of David’s work.  This one came in from Richard in Japan: Dear David, I read your book and I wanted to share with you the incredible change it has made to my career. Since picking it up at a JFK airport bookstore […]

Plugging holes when others aren't getting things done

Jay, a college student, wrote in to GTD Times to ask about how to get things done in a largely volunteer-based organization.  Can you still do GTD if other people around you don’t? Dear GTD Times, First off, let me say thanks for providing such a wonderful free GTD resource. It really means a lot […]

Reducing Information Overload

A new study conducted jointly by Harris Interactive and Xerox indicate  that reducing information overload can yield better use of time – particularly for those working in government positions.  This in turn is associated with the possibility that additional cost savings can be realized as a result. David Allen has long been aware of this […]

When Productivity is Low, "GTD" Improves Performance by 20% or More

Personal productivity is low. Room for productivity improvement in the average employee is high; on a scale of 1-10 the average score is 4.8. Use of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology shows a mimimum of 20% improvement in personal productivity and effectiveness. This was shown in a recent Productivity Scan research conducted by Life Architect http://www.life-architect.eu/ and set up in collaboration with the David Allen Company http://www.davidco.com/.

Another Great Review for David's New Book, "Making it All Work"

TheSimpleDollar is a website devoted to straightforward talk about personal finance.  The author, Trent Hamm,  is clearly a David Allen fan (he considers David’s first book, “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” to be one of the ten books that changed his life) and he states up front that he is very excited […]

The Long Awaited Follow-Up to "Getting Things Done"

From the author of the bestseller “Getting Things Done”, comes a new book that will change your life. “Getting Things Done” hit a nerve and spawned a movement with businesses, students, and techies all the way from Silicon Valley to Europe and Asia. Now, David Allen leads the world on a new path to achieve […]

Natural Born GTDers and their habits: are you one of the few?

A Community Contribution by Michael Sliwinski Over the years that I’ve been learning and mastering GTD I’ve stumbled across many great individuals who taught me a lot about how to implement GTD in my personal and business life. Some of them have been exposed to GTD since the day the book was published and have […]

Microsoft Gives the World a Telescope

In all of our efforts to be more productive and accomplish more each day, it is sometimes easy to completely forget about why we want to do more or do the same but more efficiently – sometimes it seems, it is all to easy to walk outside on a beautiful, starlit night, and be so […]

Stop wasting money and paper

During my commute to the office this morning I sat next to a very executive lady. She was flipping through at least 200 hundred freshly printed pages of paper. From the looks of it, minutes, memos and other valuable material for an upcoming meeting. From the expression on her face I got the impression that […]