GTD® & OmniFocus® 3

New GTD & OmniFocus 3 Setup Guide We are excited to announce the release of a new GTD Setup Guide for OmniFocus 3. Given the significant changes in this new release, we’ve overhauled our Setup Guide specifically for version 3. This Guide will show you how to: – Understand the fundamental GTD best practices – […]

GTD Setup Guides

Hello GTD enthusiasts! This is an update on the GTD Setup Guides that are currently available. If you’re new to these guides, they are the official GTD software setup guides from the David Allen Company to give you step-by-step coaching on applying GTD to some of the best software tools out there. We currently have GTD Setup Guides for: […]

GTD and Todoist

Our new GTD & Todoist Setup Guide is now available in our online store! This Guide will show you how to: – Understand the fundamental GTD best practices – Optimally configure Todoist in the way we have found works best for GTD – Integrate your actionable email – Create project and next actions lists in […]

Your favorite software tool tailored for GTD

If you’re looking for tips, tricks, and coaching from the experts on using GTD with your favorite software tool, check out our GTD Setup Guides. We currently have GTD guides for these tools: Microsoft Outlook for Windows Microsoft Outlook for Mac Microsoft OneNote for Windows Evernote for Windows Evernote for Mac OmniFocus for Mac Wunderlist for Mac […]

David Allen on the new frontier of computers

How much more creative could you have been in the last 24 hours? Are your tools working as catalysts for your creative thinking? Hear David Allen’s perspective on computers helping us think and why eProductivity for Lotus Notes is forging a new frontier. [HTML1]

Things and OmniFocus for GTD

A Community Contribution from Jason Verly For anyone who uses a Mac and utilizes the GTD method, you may eventually look into what software you can use to help manage your project and next action lists. Currently you.

How important are the tools you use with GTD?

For those of you who are still grappling with questions about the tools you use for GTD, check out this 2 minute video from David Allen: [HTML1] For more GTD videos, check out GTD Connect, our online learning center. You’ll find nearly 100 Videos on GTD Connect, from “2 Minutes with David Allen” clips to […]

OneNote and ActiveWords — Ferrari Fast

A Community Contribution from Ryan Oakley Whether you’re a proficient OneNote user or just started using it after reading my GTD and OneNote article posted on GTD Times it doesn’t take long to populate the software with a tonne of pages and a tonne of information (yes, I am Canadian). First, some definitions: MS Office […]

What are your killer apps for your GTD system?

Wikipedia defines a killer app as “…so necessary or desirable that it proves the core value of some larger technology.”  So, what are your killer GTD apps?  What do you use regularly AND find to be essential to your GTD implementation? Where do you keep your lists? Your calendar? Do you sync to a handheld? […]

Review of Things by Cultured Code

A Community Contribution by Erik Hanberg.  Please note, this is Erik’s personal opinion. Things is not affiliated with or endorsed by David Allen Company. But we’re happy to pass along an objective review from a community member! Too Much to Do In April of this year, I left my full time job to “go freelance.” […]