Control or Spontaneity? The Paradox

When people discover the level of personal organization I work within, they often ask, “Wow, does this guy ever have any fun?! He’s so organized!” My response is usually, “Who’s not having fun?” Frankly, I organize for freedom, not for hard work. Much of my personal system of organization was built and is constantly being […]

Why do people let themselves get overwhelmed?

Q: What are the main reasons why people let themselves get overwhelmed at work? David Allen: People tend to both over-commit and to be inefficient. Few people know exactly how much work they actually have, and therefore must take everything on that they think about and that others ask them to do. Their integrity forces […]

How to Light a Fire Under Someone’s Butt the Easy Way

A Community Contribution by Matt Handal As soon as I got myself in front of the steps leading down to my basement, I could see the black smoke billowing up to the first floor. I rushed into the basement to see where the fire was. There were no visible flames, but from the black smoke […]

Thriving in the unexpected

We’ve all had experiences in life that feel like an sucker punch to our world.  In a matter of minutes, things are not as they were.  We received this heartfelt letter from André, who wanted other GTD’ers to know how he dealt with a difficult family situation using the GTD principles and practices. The last […]