GTD and stress

How do you unhook from the pulls and pressures of your world? It would be nice if you could just shut your door, or go into the garden, and the harpies in your mind—all the niggling things to do and deal with—just went away. Or, if you could just finally get it all done, so […]

GTD and Information Overload

People complain about “information overload.” But, in truth, the most information-rich environment is the most relaxing–nature. We are actually more relaxed and stimulated by a plethora of input and multiple horizons, and nature provides that in spades. If you really wanted to go nuts, just put yourself in a room with no input (sensory deprivation.) […]

Get a Grip on Your Process, or Give It Up

If you’re not willing to commit to keeping your head completely empty, it’s not worth trying to make any “personal management system” work. Give it up.  Don’t kid yourself. Throw your productivity tools away. OK, I’m becoming more direct and succinct. (At 72 I think that serves us both, and I choose not to beat […]

Why do people let themselves get overwhelmed?

Q: What are the main reasons why people let themselves get overwhelmed at work? David Allen: People tend to both over-commit and to be inefficient. Few people know exactly how much work they actually have, and therefore must take everything on that they think about and that others ask them to do. Their integrity forces […]

Thriving in the unexpected

We’ve all had experiences in life that feel like an sucker punch to our world.  In a matter of minutes, things are not as they were.  We received this heartfelt letter from André, who wanted other GTD’ers to know how he dealt with a difficult family situation using the GTD principles and practices. The last […]

Why is David Allen like Einstein?

A GTD Times community contribution by Arif and Ali Vakil What made Einstein an Einstein or Newton a Newton? It was their amazing capability to look at what everybody was looking at, but see something different. The world sees an apple falling from a tree, but Newton notices there’s something greater at work here–it’s gravity. […]

Reducing Information Overload

A new study conducted jointly by Harris Interactive and Xerox indicate  that reducing information overload can yield better use of time – particularly for those working in government positions.  This in turn is associated with the possibility that additional cost savings can be realized as a result. David Allen has long been aware of this […]

Sometimes Getting Things Done Means Doing Nothing…

Okay, if that headline leaves you scratching your head you are probably not alone.  After all, doing nothing hardly seems like a way to get anything done, however, it is my aim to convince you that at times, doing nothing is the most appropriate next action. As you know if you’ve been reading GTDtimes with […]