Is there a list of GTD events around the world?

Yes, you can find a list on our events page, which shows events in many countries. If you do not find events in your country, please contact our partner in your country.

Where can I attend a GTD® Course or get individual GTD® Coaching?

Please contact our partner in your area.

How can I get certified as a GTD trainer or coach?

Please contact our partner in your area.

What tool do you suggest?

Are you scheduling podcast guests?

No, we use archived content for our public podcast, and keep the focus on the Getting Things Done methodology. As much as guests may have great value, we do not engage with unsolicited resources, simply because of the volume of requests we receive.

Do you have affiliate programs or sponsor options?


Do you accept any guest posts, advertising, or sponsored content?


Do you provide marketing options to your network for third parties?

No, we do not make our network channels available to outside vendors.

Free resources

See our blog for free GTD resources, including articles and podcasts.