Suzanne’s GTD Story

Your name: Suzanne Hawes What do you do for work? Chief Human Resources, Paya Inc Where do you live? Ashburn, VA How did you hear about GTD? I was working at SC Johnson in Racine, WI. The training department needed some guinea pigs for a GTD program they were planning to roll out. I’m always […]

Why I do GTD

In response to last month’s David Allen article, Turning Inside Out, GTD fan and musician Don Richmond shared: This underlying philosophy, or reason for the existence of GTD, is what turned me on to it in the first place. I don’t really need to do more things—I do too much already. But I do need […]

A group of dedicated GTD enthusiasts in Austin

One of the cool things about GTD is that you don’t have to look far to find other GTD enthusiasts in your community. From Meetups, to study groups, to book clubs and coffee chats, there are people into GTD all around the world. The Austin American-Statesman newspaper caught up with a group of GTD fans […]

The Evolution of a GTD Workspace

GTD Times recently had a post requesting that people share pics of their workspaces that had been inspired by Getting Things Done.  I contacted the Editor and she graciously suggested that I write up a little post about the evolution of my workspace and my GTD practice. When I set up my very first home […]