Episode #23 – GTD and The Organized Mind

Date: Thursday, October 20, 2016 by GTD Times Staff

Join David Allen for a fascinating, wide-ranging conversation with Daniel Levitin, author of The Organized Mind. Daniel is a professor of psychology, a cognitive scientist, a musician, an entrepreneur, and more. He brings recent cognitive research to bear on GTD, validating obectively what GTD users know subjectively — that getting things off your mind frees your mind for more creative and productive thinking. David and Daniel discuss why the brain pays attention to some things and ignores others, the limits of short-term memory versus long-term memory, and why the Mind Sweep is not just a good idea, but a critical part of dealing with our modern lives.


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One Response to “Episode #23 – GTD and The Organized Mind”

  1. Tiago Miranda says:

    What a mind blowing podcast! Having those best practices backed up by science may be the last missing piece to win the day and get those around you into productivity. They are the ones who should really be applying the GTD system, but unfortunately keep saying all that stuff is overkill.

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