Extreme Productivity Seminar in Palo Alto Tomorrow

photo_contributor_ghalimi.jpgFriend of David and GTD Times, Ismael Ghalimi is putting on what I’m anticipating will be a very intensive and highly educational seminar tomorrow at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palo Alto – The Extreme Productivity Seminar.  There are apparently a couple of tickets still available so if you’re in the area and would like to stretch your productivity skills a little I highly recommend you head on over to Ismael’s site and get the details and reserve yourself a seat.

Ismael also puts on the very highly regarded Office2.0 Event that generally takes place in the autumn – and, as anyone who’s been to that mutli day extravaganza can attest, Ismael puts on a conference like noone else.  If an O’Reilly conference is First Class, Ismael’s are “Sleeper” class – if you’ve ever been lucky enough to fly that way you know exactly what I mean.

I’ll be attending the event to cover it for GTD Times, so if you’re there, please introduce yourself to me – that goes double if you’re interested in contributing to GTD Times.  See you all tomorrow!

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