What's Your Desired Outcome?

Date: Sunday, August 31, 2008 by GTD Times Staff

A Contribution from Maurice Gavin, a former staff presenter and coach with David Allen Company

At ‘that’ moment, you understand the power of getting it out of your head.

Some might think that means merely writing it down, but it actually requires one to implement Peter Drucker’s thinking from the Effective Executive treatise (1969) that one must:

  1. decide a desired outcome
  2. frame a next action and, if possible,
  3. execute that next action as quickly as is  possible (in an attempt to achieve the desire of your  outcome).

When you are concerned about:

  1. your soon-to-be-newborn’s heart  rate
  2. the speed with which they are intending to  induce your wife and
  3. the fact that you are still 45 minutes away  from the hospital,

…you realize the power of being able to focus past your desired outcome toward next action execution.  At times like these, with as little unproductive stress as possible, you hope to conduct yourself such that you can eliminate all drag associated with achieving the desire of your outcome(s).

And thanks to Providence and the mechanics of GTD, I was able to arrive just in time to see them starting the inducement process and to be the support my wife needed (I still need personal growth in this area) to get through the initial steps in the process.

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