Is There a GTD Meetup Near You?

Date: Sunday, September 07, 2008 by GTD Times Staff

meetup.jpgGreg Stevenson, an avid GTD’er recently wrote DavidCo to let them know about a new Meetup Group he’s started in Orange County, CA.  In the process of getting the word out about his meetup, Greg discovered and found out that there were actually 25 different GTD meetups taking place all over the country.  I think this is awesome.  People all over are getting excited about the profound benefits that GTD can have on a person’s life and they’re so thrilled by the positive impact that they want to share this with others as well as associate with like minded people.

Anyway, Greg wrote to let us know about this and to ask us to help get the word out too (which of course it is our pleasure to do, hence this post).  To see if there’s a GTD meetup near you, go to, and search “Getting Things Done”.  If there’s not a meetup near you, why not consider starting one of your own?  You can find Greg’s Orange County meetup here..

Another thought; if you’re attending one of these meetups, write up a report of what you did there and how you felt it helped you in your personal implmentation of GTD – we’ll gladly post accounts of the various meetups so that people considering attending one can get an idea of the value inherent in getting together with fellow GTD’ers to share ideas, help one another solve problems and generally just chill with like minded folks.

Finally, if the meetups prove useful and interesting, just imagine what the GTD Global Summit – which is essentially going to be a mega–meetup on a triple dose of steroids – is going to be like?!?

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