3 ways to Join the Tweekly Review!

Date: Thursday, May 28, 2009 by GTD Times Staff

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I’ll Tweet the 11 steps of the GTD Weekly Review, one every 5 minutes.

– Kelly

56 Responses to “3 ways to Join the Tweekly Review!”

  1. Arnold Huijgen says:

    Thank you Kelly! Very stimulating. Tweekly gave me a lot of homework.

  2. TheeGenius says:



  3. Kelly:

    This summary of the Weekly Review was terrific. It doesn’t sound quite as intimidating as I was making it out to be.


    Dave Littlehales
    La Mirada, CA

  4. Estate Planner says:

    Kelly –
    Great job. Much appreciated.
    Would love to see you do it again.
    Many thanks!

  5. Thomas Smith says:

    Wow! Thanx alot. Time limits really helped built momentum. Great tips along the way. RESULTS: 2 stuffed inboxes R now one half full inbox, a full garbage can, & a full outbox. Thank you 4 fantastic job! #Tweekly #GTD

  6. Kelly,
    Thanks for taking us step by step through a Weekly review. Twitter worked well for this activity.


  7. Kelly – thanks for a great session.

    If you have time to do another one that would be great – I’ll be better prepared next time – after all my lists are better than they were an hour ago !!


  8. Bob says:

    This was great! Speed weekly review. Good exercise!

    Too maximize time on task next time, I wonder if having two hashtags(?) would be useful, like: #Tweekly and #TweeklyFeedback. That way, we could have you (Kelly) in one browser window, unfettered, and then the audience could tweet to the feedback one. (I’m not Twitter expert though.) Thank you!

  9. roland says:


    This was great. Would love to see it done every week.

    extremely helpful.


  10. SilkeDann says:

    I appreciate the #tweekly! Are you planning on doing this regularly? If so, I’ll join. I got it done more quickly this way and learned some new tricks.

  11. Ellen says:

    Wow, that was great. A lot of fun. I hope you’ll do it again. Thanks again.

  12. TesTeq says:

    Thank you Kelly! It was a great out-of-schedule Weekly Review in rainy Warsaw, Poland.

  13. Thank you very much Kelly. I loved #Tweekly. Please do it again. I’m going to take all your tweets and stick them into my weekly reminder for my weekly review.

  14. David says:

    Thanks Kelly. This helped point out several points where my weekly review was breaking down. Plus I was tracking inactive projects which I will now move to someday/maybe.

  15. chris brandow says:

    that was great. and it helped break some of the rustiness out of my system!!

    I might suggest finding a way to make the clearing the inbox portion a little longer, or even scheduling a separate weekly event for those of us that have let that build up.

    great use of twitter and technology here. let’s do it again!

  16. Brittany says:

    bouncing off the walls with the energy that this weekly review freed up for me. even though it was only an hour, it was so helpful. totally reminds me of the leverage of weekly review. thanks so much. please do another!

  17. Gretchen Hunter says:

    Great job Kelly!! Thanks so much. I understand weekly reviews much better. I would love for you to do it again. It was great reading the other tweets.

  18. Mike says:

    Great! Why is it that it it’s just me I let other things take priority, but if I am “meeting” with someone I allow myself to push everything else aside? Doing it along with everyone else got me to DO it. Of course I needed more time becuase I am so far out of control, but it was a great step forward.

    Can this be done again?

  19. Andrew says:

    Thanks Kelly, fantastic stuff, great tips and cool to follow it on Twitter. Regards from the UK

  20. Scott Fritz says:

    Thank you so much for doing this, I learned several little tips to help make my weekly review better. I look forward to another #tweekly session in the future.

  21. Thanks, Kelly! This was a great way to create a time pressure to force a review to get thoroughly done – and to force it into a timeslot which is usually high mental energy for me. Very productive! I will have to budget more of this good energy toward reviews in future.

    I bet more than a few folks will be scrolling back through these prompts to fill in the pieces they need more time on.

    One thing this quick approach really illustrated for me, though, is how when reviewing is really under your skin and happens in its various forms as appropriate daily & weekly this big weekly review could go very fast and yet be completely thorough, touching even Someday/Maybe items. Nice!

  22. Randy Sailer says:

    Wow, the Tweekly Review went really fast! I was struggling to keep up, however…

    … the speed helped my dump a lot of stuff out of my head and develop stuff from my various lists and horizon’s of focus. I now have 39 new items to process in my omnifocus inbox.

    Not sure I want to go at that pace every week, but every few weeks it might really be good.

    Thanks! Let’s do it again!!


  23. Phew, what a whirlwind. I couldn’t keep up. Is it because five minutes is just too little? Is it because my trusted system isn’t yet well-enough defined? Is it because I had a 10-minute interruption back around part one, step three (darned open offices!)?

    All of the above. But it’s given me a new insight into doing the weekly review, and into possible improvements for my own set-up.

    Honestly, I don’t know if I would participate again — the office environment isn’t conducive to a time-sensitive task of this nature — but I’m very glad that I did what I could to follow along this time. By all means, try it at different hours of the day. If I came in to my office an hour before the work day started, I would have a better chance at this.

    Thank you!
    Jacque Harper

  24. Claude Deblaere says:

    Thank Kelly, this was the best spent hour for this week, first time I did such a thourough weekly review, but will try to make it a good habit.

    Cool way for using modern medium.



  25. Tam says:

    Even though I didn’t get to participate, I got a lot of useful information from today’s review walk-thru. It doesn’t seem anywhere near as bad as I always make it out to be in my head…

  26. Awesome event Kelly, many thanks for that. I got a lot out of it, especially the hints relating to the some/day maybe and areas of focus.

    The twitterfountain was a good idea, but I found it got stuck on image 3-4 and needed to be refreshed a lot. It would also be useful to maybe create a ‘how to follow’ page for future events, using services like monitter.com or other twitter trend checkers.

  27. asiriusgeek says:

    I thought the Tweekly Review was terrific too. Several of your tips were really useful, I’ve added them to my reference material.

    I think repeating this periodically would be great!

  28. It was great! Thanks!

  29. David Southern says:

    This was very useful, especially the tips you provided along the way. I got behind as I did not realize how well done this was going to be! I simply had to many office interuptions. I have printed the RSS feeds to review. I would enjoy this again and be better prepared the next time. Its like having my own coach. Thanks

  30. Ryan says:

    Great session Coach Kelly! Would love for you to nudge us through it again! Thanks!

  31. ken b says:

    WOW! Really Great! Have a much better grasp of the weekly review now. Thanks Kelly!

    ken b (near rainy St. Louis)

  32. Jay Elmore says:

    It was great to sit down (virtually) with someone and walk through a weekly review. I can see the spots that I was neglecting — checklists, someday/maybe, future calendar events — and my next week review should go a lot faster. (I might even be able to keep up with you!)

    I would love the #tweekly reviews to continue, at least for another couple of weeks.

  33. Many thanks. I was interrupted once and was able to go to the Twhirl window and catch up. Everything worked flawlessly. I used OmniFocus to arrange everything from the brain dump into projects. The actions steps still need to be broken down further, but I was able to type enough to remember what I was thinking during the review. Your coaching was a great service to me. Thanks very much.

  34. mhkesq says:

    Kelly – this was terrific. I had completely fallen off the GTD wagon and this helped me restart. Last time, Julie was my in-person coach.

    I’d like this to happen at least monthly for awhile to keep me on track!

  35. golferbabe72 says:

    Kelly & DAC:

    Great facilitation of the Weekly Review and coupling with the use of Twitter – BRAVO! Would love to see this repeated periodcally as a refresher and as a way to help me practice my WR skills.


  36. Dan says:

    Thanks for this! Extremely helpful. I’ve block off this time (hoping) for a tweekly meeting.

  37. Ray Hasson says:


    Super!! Immense help, I think I was trying to make the review more complicated than it needed to be.

    Plan on applying these steps and hints to my normal weekly review (Sunday mornings, early) and expect to see some real progress.

    Maybe a monthly repeat, allowing a couple of weeks interval to practice application.

    Thanks again, Ray

  38. Really great, Kelly! Great idea, great tips…

    Thanks a lot and regards from Spain

    Juan Luis

  39. arjandotorg says:

    Thank you very much for this experience, Kelly! It was a bit hard to utilize the five minute steps as a real weekly review. But much more valuable and amazing was reading everyone’s tweets during this whole process! I was sitting here, totally relaxed, observing TweetDeck as if it was a TV-show. Turned out to be the best show I’ve seen in weeks! Like to see some new episodes!
    Thanks again!

  40. chris bulle says:

    great stuff, but please find an alternative platform (good old fashioned chatroom?), i don’t “get” twitter.

  41. Most excellent. I had an idea of a way to self-implement that in coach mode. Create a set of web pages that could be downloaded into a zip file, local use.

    Include small sound file (just a ping-like sound) and use meta-refresh to refresh the page after a certain interval (5 mins? 10 mins?), and this can be used to help coach a person along on the desktop… with the same kidn of time limit.

    real tricky: have a javascript or something input where person can input the #mins/step 5, 10 or whatever… and then use that as basis for metarefresh. I’d do it myself, but I have so many other things to work on. So I decided to “delegate” it to you if you thought it’s a decent idea?

    Anyway, thanks again for all that. wasn’t as hard as I thought…. But I need to do the first steps all over again, but longer. 🙂

  42. Dave S. says:

    Kelly, this was a great experience. I especially liked the coaching tips that you tweeted partway through each 5-minute interval.

    It would be terrific if this could be repeated a few more times to allow people to get the mechanics down. Alternatively, if it were done monthly that would be very helpful too.

    Participating in this Tweekly Review reminds me of watching a sports event live, versus a recording. It is much easier to focus and become absorbed in the activity when you know many other people are doing it too.

  43. Noah says:

    Ok, I just finished step one, now what . . . you’re done!? 😉
    I had fun, despite the interupting phone call from one of the few people I can’t tell to wait until later. It was like having my own coach. If my e-mail inbox was a lot less “zero” I would have cruised along in step. I more just followed for the fun of it to see what techniques/tips I could glean. I have so many projects I doubt I could even acknowledge them all by name in 5 minutes!

    Thanks though. It was fun to be a part of GTD synchronized with everyone else. Great use of technology

  44. Dorothea says:

    Loved it. Absolutely amazing. I feel very energized and creative. It really helps to have so many people commenting. It just triggers more ideas than staring at a checklist yourself. I suppose being a coach to yourself is just very very difficult.
    I also noticed i need to add an additional processing because of all the ideas generated by the review.

  45. Tom says:

    I call the processing outcomes a “bad report card.” 4 D’s and an F (File)

  46. Scott says:

    Awesome stuff – please do this every week!

  47. Your GTD “Get Clear” intervention is wonderful. I’m riding the wave, and it’s very helpful. Thank you.


  48. Josh says:

    Kelly, I was whining about this EXACT thing this morning on Twitter, and couldn’t break new fires that broke out this morning. Priorities and all that. But I did screen captures of your timeline and will try it on my own, pretending to be keeping up with your tweets as I move through it. If you want to publish the tweets as a list with the times (so we get the idea of how quickly to move through this process) that would be great.

    Thank you!

  49. Josh says:

    Um “Break away from new fires…” was what I meant to write.

  50. Rebecca says:

    That was marvelous – looking forward to blocking the time to do it in real time. I kept up until step 2, then was overtaken by events, but I would definitely block time to do this every week. Something about doing it with a group of people is so compelling….

  51. Ed Gold says:

    I missed the Tweekly as I was driving down to a vendor site (Unscheduled trip).

    When will you repeat?


  52. Lola LB says:

    Wasn’t able to do the actual process since I needed to be away from my desk but did check in on my Blackberry to see what was going on. Would be great to have a list of these tweets so I can get an idea of how to do the weekly review.

  53. Steve says:

    GREAT session!! Very thorough and complete. I got a great deal out of it and would definitely participate again in future sessions.

  54. Thsnks for a great review Kelly. I recorded the session it on my blog so I can refer back to it every time I do a review. It was filled with great tidbits to help.


  55. Simon says:

    definitly like to see kelly doing it again! SUPER helpful!

  56. Sandy says:

    This was very helpful. For me it demonstrated the value of getting through the whole weekly review process, and not spending too much time on the initial capture stage. Having a “bell” go off and moving on to the meatier part of the review was key and is something I plan to do on my own. Thanks for the coaching!

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