Be Creative Amid Chaos

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2009 by GTD Times Staff

David Allen is now a regular columnist for the newly-launched UK version of Wired magazine. Check out his current column.

In his regular column on GTD Connect, David shared about how this came to be:

“The associate editor, Ben Hammersley, became a big GTD fan when he wrote about it for The Guardian; and he now wanted to include my thinking in with the new publication’s intended focus on “life going forward.” Ben’s enthusiasm to make it “the best combination of New Yorker, the Atlantic, and the Economist, with an edge” was infectious, and I think a perfect venue for a more sophisticated spin of GTD-ness. Having scanned the first two issues, I’d say Ben’s on track.”

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  1. I posted this as comment in Wired, and think it belongs here too:

    David Allen does it again; he demonstrates his brilliance as a social analyst, raising questions about our contemporary lives and finding the positive spin on familiar current behavior. That is quite extraordinary. Many pundits and experts end up finding fault with whatever is happening, when they didn’t make happen themselves, when their own work is not the latest thing around. Not David. He catches on to the subtleties of life around him, he jumps in himself to new experiences, and comes out spinning descriptions and explanations of why; if something is happening, it is likely that its supposed to happen. He sees human nature expressing its best self, in every corner of our newest attractions, even our web-based “addictions.” DA is a real social scientist, who furthermore encourages us all to be the same.

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