Viewing eProductivity for Lotus Notes tasks with iPhone or Android

Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 by GTD Times Staff

For those of you using eProductivity for Lotus Notes, and are looking to view your tasks on iPhone or BlackBerry, Mark Hughes has created a solution for that. Learn more

5 Responses to “Viewing eProductivity for Lotus Notes tasks with iPhone or Android”

  1. Martin Pradny says:

    Just a small correction – it does not sync, it is web interface optimized for mobile browser, so don’t expect it to work offline.

    Otherwise great and more features are coming, I’m using it 🙂


  2. Peter Robinson says:

    Hi, does this version actually Sync (as says in your subject) or is it just a browser like the last version? From the screen shots it looks like it is still does not have a repository on the iPhone so might not really Sync, but it’s hard to tell. Thanks.

  3. Peter Robinson says:

    Thanks Martin. I would love it to sync when I’m connected.

  4. William McCullough says:

    Deja Office (iphone) works with the CompanionLink software installed.

  5. avs says:

    Try Awesync ( – it syncs tasks, calendar, contacts, and notebook from Lotus Notes to i-devices via Google.

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