The trick for finding the GTD Coordinator paper planner

Date: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 by GTD Times Staff

Many of you have been searching for the GTD Coordinator® paper planner. Created in partnership with Mead, this paper planner is designed GTD-style. It quickly sold out in the DavidCo store (except for blank refill packs), but you can still find the full 2010 GTD Coordinator in many Staples retail stores throughout the U.S. Here’s specifically what to look for:

Letter-size GTD Coordinator- Item #805099 – Last we heard, there were 4,700 units available in Staples stores.

Junior-size GTD Coordinator- Item # 805102 – Last we heard, there were 900 units available in Staples stores.

So, which Staples stores have them? This is where the adventures begins…

The easiest way to locate one is to do a live chat with to find the location of the store closest to you with inventory. They have access to the full inventory and will be of great assistance. Give them the item numbers above or the name “GTD Coordinator.” Unfortunately, if you call a Staples store the staff will not be able to find one, but the live chat agents will at least save you from hunting around to all of your local Staples stores. If you do find one, they will be in the paper planner or calendar section of the store.

We’ll post what we know about 2011 inventory as we learn more about Mead’s plans.

18 Responses to “The trick for finding the GTD Coordinator paper planner”

  1. Steven Riggs says:

    I bought mine at Staples but later found it available at this website…

    Is this different than the item that is offered at Staples? They are available to order online.

  2. Rita says:

    @Steven, thanks for this link. I coudln’t find in Staples catalog.

  3. Dave Parker says:

    Any ideas when (if) the UK Staples chain will stock it?

  4. jason says:

    why not just sell the template!@

  5. Jason says:

    I just tried to do the above and the agent said that there was no way for me to get one of these. While there may be stores with them in stock, there’s no way to have one shipped to my local store or to me personally. Never had to fight so hard to get someone to take my money.

  6. GTD Times says:

    Rita–that’s correct. You won’t find the GTD Coordinator in the online or print Staples catalog at this point. But Steven found it on the Mead website:

    Dave–We don’t believe Mead has any plans to release this to Staples stores outside the U.S.

    1st Jason response–Thanks for the feedback.

    2nd Jason response–we hear ya! So sorry. We wish we had more direct info here. This product is primarily distributed by Mead, and they’ve chosen Staples as their exclusive retail partner. We only had a small inventory to sell ourselves. Steven’s post above shows that Mead is stocking this on their At-A-Glance site now: You should find a Junior Size Coordinator there, last we saw.

    The GTD Products Team

  7. Julie says:

    Doing a live chat with will not necessarily find you the GTD Coordinator. When I tried a live chat yesterday I was told I had to provide a zip code for the representative to determine whether my local store had the item # in stock. cannot do a search nationwide for the GTD Coordinator. So if you want to find one, you have to provide a list of zip codes near your home and hope….not a realistic approach to locating the product. I will make my own GTD Coordinator given the lack of product availability. I find it interesting that the product would be advertised in such a manner. Oh well. 🙂

  8. Jack Collins says:

    I picked up my letter-sized Coordinator at Staples in Spokane, WA. Gotta say, I love it! Whatever trials you have in finding one, it will be well worth it. The Coordinator is a great tool and has really helped me take my GTD practice to the next level.

    One word of caution. Try to get it as cheaply as possible! As wonderful a tool as it is and worth the retail price, the quality is extremely poor.

  9. Liz Harward says:

    Hi folks,

    Liz Harward here from the David Allen store. Thank you all for the feedback. Building your own is certainly an option and one David has recommended for years! Jack- glad to hear you have found value in the setup of the GTD Coordinator. If you have a specific suggestion for improvements please send along to and I will pass on to the Mead folks.

    I know it is hard to be patient when you want a new tool. It is a dated product that came out in November of 2009 and has been popular, so that is why it is becoming so hard to locate! There are not that many left. When looking for one in your area, I have one suggestion—don’t call but do try the live chat to locate one in your local area. The folks I have dealt with have been great. They do need your zip code so they don’t send you to say Colorado if you live in San Diego, for instance! And they are unable to ship you the item– the live chat is for pick up in a local Staples only if they have stock. This item has been popular in many areas and sold out, but there are plenty in other areas of the country.

    We have gathered all the comments we have received and sent them to Mead/At-A-Glance for review. I don’t think Staples counted on the persistence of our core GTD users. I have collected over 100 comments from GTDers. You folks are a dedicated group! Thanks again for taking the time to help make this an overall better product.

    If you would like to reach me directly, I can be reached at Thanks!

  10. Alan says:

    Any ideas yet if Mead will produce a calendar refill for 2011? I cannot find a refill from Mead or any other store that has such a simple, but useful setup. Not even printing my Outlook calendar in the weekly option provide as much of a useful design as the one that came with the GTD Coordinator. Thank you in advance for your information/suggestions.

  11. Liz Harward says:

    Hi Alan,

    We hope to hear in the next week or two if/when that 2011 calendar will be available. I will post an update here as soon as I hear anything from Mead. I’ll also forward your comments to the production team. Thanks for your patience.

  12. Alan says:

    I was browsing through my local Staples store and found the 2011 GTD Coordinator on the shelf, but no refill calendar was available. The store employees gave me a blank look when I asked about the availablity of the calendar without the whole notebook. Any information from Mead at this time?

  13. Terri says:

    I just happened across this discussion, followed the original link to Mead’s At-A-Glance website, and clicked the link to the GTD Coordinator there. Up popped a page with refills! Hope that helps. (URL too long to be useful here.)

  14. GTD Times says:

    We just found out this morning that Mead has created a Calendar-only refill available for the GTD Coordinator. The plan, as we know it, is to sell those on (not stores) and on the DavidCo website. We will post something when we know dates, but we are excited to be able to provide this Calendar-only refill.

    DavidCo Products Team

  15. Alan says:

    Hi Terri,
    The Mead At-A-Glance site has the refills for the other page in the Coordinator, but not the calendar that I could find. Thanks for the idea and possible tip!

  16. Michael Campell says:

    Are these GTD planners still available? #805099

  17. Mary Kelly says:

    Michael, did you find an appropriate planner? I am searching for one at the moment…

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