Any GTD + iPad users out there?

Date: Friday, August 27, 2010 by GTD Times Staff

Do you use an iPad for anything GTD-related?


You can hear how

David uses his new iPad on the latest Up Close with David podcast series on GTD Connect.

15 Responses to “Any GTD + iPad users out there?”

  1. Jason Verly says:

    Absolutely love using my iPad for weekly reviews, especially now that Omni Group has released their native iPad app for OmniFocus. The balance between full blown desktop and iPhone/smartphone portability.

  2. Braden says:

    Most of my read review is done on the ipad through various apps. I also have my task manager installed and use it when necessary to remind me of what I need to do. I’m still not so good at typing lots of stuff on it though. 🙁 Still working on that.

    I also have access to most of my higher horizon items through a conglomeration of dropbox, goodreader, Pages and email. Little clunky but I have almost my entire system (50,000 ft. – runway) in some form on my iPad synced with my computer through the cloud. Pretty slick, I think.

  3. Mark says:

    Hi. Actually, I use “Things” on my Mac, iPhone and iPad. I tend to do the hard yards (weekly review) on the Mac, and then use the iPad at work to keep track of stuff that needs to get done on the iPad. I tend to use my iPhone to keep track of errands and as my anywhere in-basket for stuff that I think of when I am out and about. Very cool.

  4. Justin Laforce says:

    I use Things to keep track of my action lists (sync’d to my Mac) and Evernote for most of my project support material and higher horizon plans. This system works very well for me. I’ve tried a couple other GTD apps for task management but none that I like as much as Things, especially since the latest upgrade which allows you to manage areas of responsibility on the iPad.

  5. Irklak says:

    Yep. Love it. Using pocket informant with toodledo syncing for tasks and most of my gtd. With drop box and good reader keeping all materials needed with me wherever I am and with whichever device i’m on.

    Working very well.

  6. Kim Pagel says:

    I’m a big Outlook fan with exchange email. I sync my Outlook tasks to my iPad with Toodledo and all my notes, projects, five horizons, minutes and other documents are in OneNote and sync to my iPad with MobileNoter. MobileNoter is an awesome app!

  7. Niall says:

    Recently acquired the iPad and have found it indispensable for business. Omnifocus for iPad is a great gtd tool easy to use, keeps the essence of project, action and review. The ability to take all reading material with me is great. Annotate enables me to take any document in PDF format for read review and mark up then email back to colleagues or myself for printing.


  8. Mark Jantzen says:

    Think Station.

    I recall hearing David use that term for his laptop and I’ve now got my iPad set-up that way for myself.

    Calendar – iCal
    Actions & Projects – OmniFocus
    Contacts – Address Book
    Reference & Lists – Evernote
    Mind Mapping – iThoughts HD & Mind Manager
    GTD templates – iBook (ok, a bit much)

    These tools are connected by a combination of Mobile Me, Dropbox and the web so all this data is available on my iMac, iPhone & iPad.

    Now what do I DO?
    (just kidding)

  9. Marc Gluck says:

    I use a combination of Evernote, Penultimate and my Outlook Calendar (sync’d to both my iPhone and iPad).

    Penultimate is a great app for using actual handwritten notes on the iPad. I then send these notes to Evernote and can view them on my desktop or iPhone.

    Still getting all the pieces in place to use this system but it is working well for me so far.

  10. Omnifocus for detail (like a number of people here).

    iThoughtsHD for mindmapping my horizon stuff (which syncs nicely via Dropbox and works with Neomind).

    Evernote for reference material and Goodreader for stuff to read and current project formatted document stuff.

  11. maud says:

    I find NoteBooks the ultimate solution, because it combines tasks and notes, and references for smaller or short term projects.
    Every context has it’s own notebook (folder), and when an action is done, I store it in the project notebook it belongs to.
    IMHO most systems like Omnifocus and the like, are great for organized people, and not voor chaotics like myself.

  12. Aphillippe says:

    As a child of the digital generation, the iPad gives me a great gtd solution. I use:

    Appigo’s Todo for iPad. The interface is great and it fits perfectly with my gtd implementation. Lists are Next Action, Waiting For, Someday, etc. Tags are used for projects. The list of tags essentially acts as my projects list, dynamically updated when I add a new project or complete a project and delete it’s tag. Contexts for contexts (obv.). to sync to ToDo for iPhone. Also Toodledo’s web interface for adding multiple tasks and email import for adding tasks easily from my work Outlook.

    Evernote for iPad & desktop (portable app and local note storage on USB key). Handwriting recognition rocks and let’s me brainstorm/note take on the best tool, pen and paper. (tried all note taking apps for iPad, couldn’t get on with any).

    I couldn’t imagine using a paper system (and hats off to anyone that does). The power to filter and search all actions, projects, reference material at the touch of a button, priceless.

  13. Lesley Taylor says:

    I use Things on the iPad, iPhone and Mac and thinking works great. There needs to be some improvements with the way the tasks are synced, but basically a solid gtd app.

    I reviewed 4 GTD apps today on and always interested what other people like and use.

  14. Teck Soh says:

    The best note taking software for iPad is Note Taker HD. There is so much packed into this $4.99 software that you can use it just like a regular pen/paper. This software has the depth that I don’t see in any other similar software.

    For Task – I sync my MS Exchange to toodledo which is excellent.

    Evernote is a must which is a big collection pool. For any action needed, I create a @@ sign which when I need to preocess, just search for that text and transfer to todo list. I find this system works pretty well.

  15. Treed says:

    I am using Outlook 2007, and the setup guide really helped, but the key is a reliable sync tool.

    I love the 2Do app, but it has no direct sync.

    For now, I am using Task folders set up as categories, which sync wirelessly to the lame Reminders app.

    Not very cool, and Reminders is very limited, but it syncs and is organized.

    GTD really needs a good iPad app like Ominfocus, with a seemless and wireless Outlook sync. No third party three way syncing.

    All docs and reference material is in Office Squared. Same folders and category structure as Outlook and paper files.

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