Defining your existence

Date: Monday, September 13, 2010 by GTD Times Staff

Question: During my Mind Sweep, I wrote down a thought that included defining my existence and experiencing personal fulfillment. It is THE thought that occupies my mind and I wonder if you have any comments on how I can work with that in my GTD system.

David Allen’s answer: Regarding defining existence and personal fulfillment, I’d put that more in the category of 50,000-ft thinking (in the GTD Horizons of Focus) or standards. It could be phrased something like, “continually exploring and expanding the fulfillment of my destiny on the planet.” That’s not something you ever finish (unless it is). But operationally it’s a standard to hold re: your internal focus, and then potentially the visions, goals, objectives, projects and actions that emerge as commitments for you in the process of “exploring and expanding…”

If you’re doing and being the best you can be, in the moment, given all you know and sense and the context and limitations within which you find yourself, you’re probably not being bothered by your issue, but rather enjoying it. If you’re not, your standard about that will probably be bugging you to do what you need to do, to get back in that saddle. Might be work harder, work less, finish the phone call, take out the garbage, hold some nice thoughts, or whatever…

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