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  1. Great – now, as I’ve asked several times, in several places – why is none of the GTD material available in iBooks? Utter madness! I want to have my GTD reference in my pocket! Is this just laziness?

  2. I don’t understand the question.

    I see GTD, Ready for Anything and Making It All Work in the iBook Store. Not sure why MAW is the cheapest of the three though.

    I’ve also successfully uploaded PDFs – e.g. Weekly Review Template into iBooks.

    What GTD reference are we talking about?


  3. James — Can you point me to where you’ve posted this so I can make sure we don’t have any leaks in processing our websites? We certainly would not want you to feel ignored.

    To your point about getting David’s books onto iBooks: we would really like the books to be available in all formats. But that’s entirely up to Viking/Penguin, the publisher who controls the rights to David’s books. For instance, GTD is available on the Kindle but not in all countries, from what we have heard.

    Thanks for the intensity of your interest in GTD. We do our best to avoid both utter madness and laziness. Your comments help keep us on our toes, so we appreciate your involvement.

  4. Unfortunately GTD is not available for the Kindle in Canada. Your other books are however. Why is that? I had to go kill some trees to get your book today

  5. GTD is not available in any eBook form in New Zealand. Making it all work is available though on Kindle in NZ!

  6. In looking at the stats for passages that are highlights, the most common GTD post is #24 on the list and is the essence of the GTD process (folks highlighted the right passage in the book!).

  7. Hi James,

    Liz Harward here in the products department. It is frustrating for us too knowing that the material is not available in the format that folks need. I have called David’s agent at Viking regarding this and he has forwarded to the appropriate department at Viking. We are not being flippant about this issue, I apologize if you felt we were being sarcastic. Download rights are sold just like the audio rights (which are owned by Simon and Schuster except for the unabridged “Ready For Anything” – those audio rights are owned by Recorded Books). If no one or company comes forward to buy the e-rights in that specific country then the materials are not available. So it is a matter of who wags the tail on the dog. If the customers demand the material then someone eventually takes notice and buys the rights in that country and format. It is a complicated landscape that changes sometimes on a weekly basis. It will become more clear as the publishing/app world catches up with the demand. I sincerely hope this helps.

  8. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for your reply. Sounds like a nightmare… Apologies for the obvious frustration in my first comments.
    How about you set up an online poll asking iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad users if they want the GTD books in iBooks, then present the results to the relevant company?

  9. Hello there,
    I’m a fan of ‘The David’ and already own the GTD paperback – but the book would serve me much better on my iPad/iPhone. Unfortunately, here in the UK, I cannot get *any* GTD books in this format – not even on Kindle! Audible has nothing either.
    I realise the regional publishing rights issues are significant, and am depressed at having to rely on the publishers ever ‘taking notice’ of demand for these books.

    It’s 2010, I have several handheld computers/media devices that were once only a sci-fi dream – and I have to buy my GTD books as paperbacks!

    Very, very frustrating!

    Hoping for a positive change soon, but not holding my breath.

  10. Hi,
    Are there any further updates to the information above about an ebook release of GTD in the UK for either Kindle or iBook formats?


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