GTD Nuggets – Getting to the not-so-critical stuff

Every once in a while, schedule a day for the not-so-critical stuff. Otherwise the got-to’s can eat up your whole life, and the secondary things then become annoying got-to’s later on, or just create a frustration factor that mounts up. – David Allen

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  1. Maybe this is from one of the books, but I really appreciate this. Now I have permission, even encouragement to do this. It seems like this kind of happens by default every so often, and when I have a day like that, I usually am not as productive as I could be, because I feel so guilty. Thanks!

  2. It seems to me that I need one of these days about every other Saturday for the at home/volunteer stuff, and another about as often at work. Unfortunately, you can’t always block out your work calendar with “Clean Up Day” or “Catch Up Day” (especially when your calendar can been seen by too many co-workers above you….

  3. Ture, it is hard to find a Clean Up or Catch Up day at work. However, it doesn’t have to be an entire day. Maybe a Clean Up or Catch Up hour would work. Point is, you need some time for the not so critical stuff.

  4. For work I use a Clean Up Hour after hours every week. Because the phone is not ringing, the email is off and I simply can pick up all those little papers that got backlogged. Even if I’m just transporting all those small things for my weekly review

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