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  1. I would if it was available & if Outlook for Mac worked as well as it did for Windows.

    I’ve been using Omnifocus since Outlook for Mac got such bad reviews because ofbthe limited sync issues.

    GTD & Outlook for Windows was magnificent.

  2. I did use it (The trial version) for a few months with a client that had a flaky exchange server I couldn’t access any other way. I liked it a lot, but the lack of Omnifocus support meant I stuck with & busycal.

    Feel free to get in touch if you’d like more in depth feedback.

  3. I have Outlook 2011 but as a GTD tool it doesn’t offer much. The Task implementation in Outlook 2011 is so elementary that it is not useful. Concentrate your efforts on OmniFocus for Mac, Outlook 2011 is good for email, calendar and contacts but not for task management. Outlook 2010 for Windows is so superior to Outlook 2011 it is sad.

  4. Outlook 2011 Mac has serious issues not working with googlemail. I gave up! Now using Omni Focus and Mac mail,quite happily.

    Would be good if you produced some GTD tools for Omni Ouliner, that has some serious potential!

  5. I used to love Entourage and was really, really looking forward do Mac Outlook…. but asked for a refund after just a day or two because it is just not worth it. Now I use and Google Webmail, OmniFocus, text notes and Google calendar and i’ve never been happier!

  6. Robert + Tim–

    Where do you keep your Project & Next Action lists, ala GTD? In the native “To Do” on the Mac? I’m curious.


  7. Though I use Outllok for Mac I in fact use Nozbe for my GTD management.

    Outlook for Mac is still limited compared to the Windows version and I can’t be bothered trying to find work arounds.

    So Outlook is just for email and a calendar function for appointments

  8. Yes. I use it with am exchange server on my mac.

    Omnifocus is useless for me as I am Blackberry bound.

  9. Mail app, ICal, and Things for me. The interface of Outlook for Mac seems so cluttered after using Mail.

  10. As soon as our exchange server gets upgraded our office will be switching. Within a month hopefully.

  11. I’m using outlook but wasnt able to migrate my tasks from Things,so only calendar and mail are there
    But I like outlook for mac,i dont really have problems with it 🙂

  12. I did look at Outlook (Office 2011) and I was surprised to see how bad it is compared to the Windows version.

    Not only that key functions are missing (sync with iCal or at least support from iTunes to get the calendar synced with iPhone etc.) – also Outlook came across pretty slow (on a new MacBook i7 with 8GB).

    I decided to stay with Postbox as my E-Mail Client and use OmniFocus, Evernote (local notebooks) and XMIND for my GTD trusted system.


  13. I use Outlook 2011 and love it. I run it side-by-side with Outlook 2010 and though I prefer the Windows side I am quite comfortable using both.

  14. Outlook 2011 has a more stable database than Entourage but doesn’t sync with iCal, Tasks or Calendar! I’m sticking with Entourage 2008 until SP1 is released in July.

  15. I’ve used the new Outlook for Mac (2011) It is very good – in fact- it is better than very good.
    But I still prefer Mac Mail programme. It is more simplistic which is something I prefer.

  16. I have successfully implemented the GTD approach in Outlook — for Windows. Done it in 2003 and 2007. I am using it right now at my consulting gig — following the Outlook setup offered by DavidCo.

    When I first saw Outlook getting upgraded on the Mac, I was EXTREMELY hopeful that Outlook would at least get to an Outlook 2003 Windows level.

    Alas, not. Not there in features, not there in synching, not there for the iPhone, etc.

    At that point — unless I am forced to — I just gave up on Microsoft applications as well as their operating system.

    iWork came out with an upgrade — Pages, Numbers, Keynote — and I went there and totally blew off the Office upgrade on the Mac.

    And that included Outlook for Mac.

    I wouldn’t waste my time. Think about it: When people buy a Microsoft product for the Mac, they want the same functionality that they get on Windows — they just have a Mac.

    Microsoft implements Office on Mac totally different than on Windows and it isn’t just about the operating system. They don’t do the same UI, the same navigation, even the same functions as you get in Windows versions of Office.

    It might as well be a product from XYZ Computing with Office file compatibility. And for that, iWork does that much better.

    Not that I have an opinion, of course…

  17. I want to sync my system between Office PC w Outlook, Mac, and iPhone. The only way I have found is to sync Outlook to Google (tasks, notes to docs, contacts, calendar) with gsyncit and then use iCal and the Google web interfaces for tasks and docs. Not comfortable but at least reliable. Any better solution is welcome.

  18. I have Office for Mac 2011. Outlook is really lacking. Not being able to sync with my iPhone & google calendar is rediculouse. I wish it worked like the window version. Till then I’ll stick with omnifocus and gmail

  19. I used Entourage. The project center was very useful.
    I switched to busycal and calender. I have omnifocus but have reverted to my beloved purple leather circa
    for project and lists.

  20. I am in the process of migrating from Windows to Mac. The most grievous shortcoming of Outllook 2011 for me was not being able to nest contacts within sub folders. I rely on access to thousands of contacts to work efficiently. Outlook 2011 doesn’t help.

    How do I migrate all those Windows contacts to something that will work seamlessly within a GTD environment like Outlook 2010 provided?

  21. Well, I used Outlook for Windows until I got a Mac. I even purchased Entourage and used it for awhile but was very frustrated with it after such a wonderful experience with Outlook.

    I use iCal, iMail and Evernote. I’ve been happy for the past couple of years using these for GTD. : D

  22. I’m locked into Blackberriness by corporate dictum. So it’s Outlook 2011 all the way, unfortunately.

    I would love to be able to break free into something better…

  23. Yes I use it (also use OmniPlan on the Mac). I’d appreciate a really good plugin that would sync between Outlook on the Mac and Windows or even an intermediary cloud based solution that is straight forward. Many of work on mutli-systems.

  24. I am using Outlook for Mac – and using things at the same time.

    One thing that has been a life saver for this is a little apple script written by a things user, that allows you to automatically create a things task with a link back to the original email.,48866,page=1

    So when I get an email that i need to action, I hit control-N which copies the contents of the email and a link into the new task part of Things.

    After tweaking the text to be more next-action specific, I then save the things task, and immediatly move the email to an archive folder.

  25. I recently installed Outlook 2011. I don’t see a way to even come close to what I’m accomplishing with, MailTags, Mail Act-On, and Things.

  26. Office for Mac SP1 has been released. Outlook 2011 can now sync Calendar, Tasks, Notes as well as Address Book to mobile devices using Sync Services.

  27. I reluctantly switched from Entourage which was having problems. Outlook looks OK for email and addresses as it can sync with iPhone. Using “Get It Done” for tasks.

  28. Outlook for Windows “ran my life.” But I wanted a Mac again. Tried Entourage, hated it. Tried several others and finally stuck with Mail. But didn’t like it. Was so excited to order the new Outlook 2011 for Mac and got it right away. Tried it for about 2 weeks. HATED IT! Back to Mail. Shoot. Now I’ve tried trial versions of Parallels and Fusion and installed Windows XP and Outlook 2007 on my Mac. It’s working! Sucks up power and so I’m changing my habits a bit and only opening email (and Fusion and XP) when I really need it. There’s a few glitches with Outlook, but I can handle them. So happy to have Outlook! I’m going to stick with Fusion, Parallels kept crashing. I still have the Mac apps and they are handy on the fly. But to get into “work” Outlook is what I need.

  29. I was a big Windows XP and Outlook user and decided to switch to MAC recently. Most of my work revolves around email, hence the GTD implementation for me needs to be tightly integrated with the mail software. I would have used Mail app but they have removed even the most basic todo functionalities after Lion upgrade. As a result, I am using Outlook 2011. I am able to create tasks from email (thanks to the scripting functionality), have my smart folders for next actions, overdue tasks etc and overall have been successful so far. There are few quirks with Outlook 2011 and it would futile to compare it to Outlook 2010.

  30. Hi BJ

    I am considering migrating from a PC to a Mac and like you most of my work revolves around emails and tasks hence why Outlook is so important to me.

    BJ I’d like to contact you directly as keen to hear how you convert tasks from email on the Mac. Can you contact me plse.



  31. I am using outlook for mac 2011 right now and am quite happy with it. It took some problem solving and phone calls to get it all syncing with ical/address book, plaxo and blackberry but it’s working now.

    Yes, PLEASE create a Setup Guide for this. I am making the tasks work but checking and unchecking a lot of category boxes and it never really gives a satisfying “seeing everything at once” view. It is working but could be more optimal..

    Please build the set up guide…I think they will come for it if you do.



  32. Is creating a Task in Omni from an email in Outlook 2011 a simple procedure?

    I am currently using Outlook 2011 for mac and am looking into Omni for my GTD. My business is heavily email based so creating tasks in Omni directly from an Outlook email would be very beneficial.


  33. I just moved over to my new mac air and outlook mac. I miss the GTD add in, i hope you build this soon…

  34. I try and try to give Mac a chance. I purchased one of these overpriced Macbook Pro in hopes that the laptop would be more stable and interesting, Waste of money. I have had Outlook 2011 running through my work’s Exchange server work for me, but alas, only for a short while, then no sync at all upon no changes. It works, then it refuses to sync. Time and time again, it will sync some emails and then just stop with the endless waiting circle. I am giving up. I shall go back to the PC and forget Mac for work. Microsoft simply has the market for Office and yes, Office is what people use. The Mac simply can not complete. Issue after issue. I simply dont have time for it. So yes, I am a victim of Mac’s advertising and packaging. The shell of a MacBook Pro is wonderful, but folks, the Outlook software simply and without doubt does not work on a Mac. Good riddance

  35. I’m pulling this up from a search looking for ANY info about Outlook for Mac & GTD. If you find that the tool simply does not suit the methodology, even saying that would be helpful.

    I’m using Outlook (Windows) at work and agreed to help get my rock solid GTD system setup for a co-worker on his Mac on the same Exchange Server. I keep getting frustrated and embarrassed by the fact that it just isn’t the same program, and I can’t figure out how to best implement GTD for this environment.

  36. Hi Sam,

    We have not done any extensive testing yet on Outlook for Mac. We’ll be sure to post something though if/when we do.


  37. I use outlook 2011 for Mac, but I’m here to warn you not to. It’s total garbage! It performs like a snail even on a super high end macpro. The entire app hangs while it checks mail every 60 seconds, etc.


  38. So Lutz do you think it is worth using the app. when stuck with an imap account?
    (I am worried about the processing of deleting my imap account in order to start afresh and make a pop account….)
    Many thanks for your hard work btw!

  39. I have to design for it. It’s a web standards butcher, even by email standards – but, what do you expect from a company that gave you explorer?

  40. I’m struggling to set up a good GTD system on my Mac Pro. I’ve been trying a variety of different programs and techniques, but nothing yet seems right for me.

    However, Apple is going to be upgrading their operating system this summer to “Mountain Lion”. I have studied the description of the new OS and It is possible that it might have all the tools needed to set up a great GTD system; which will span across the iPad and iPhone through the already great iCloud system.

    There will be a new “Notes” app. A much improved “Task List” along with some improvements in “Mail”,and “iCal”. Might have everything we need, and then some.


  41. Microsoft in February of 2013 came out with an update for Office 2011. Apparently, it integrates better with Office 365. I do not use Office 365 at the moment.

    I was using all the Mac Software with OmniFocus, but switched back to Outlook 2011 just this month. I use TASKS in Outlook for my GTD system along with MYDay, a combination Calendar/Task App that in unique to Outlook 2011.

    For me, this works better than the Apple Software and OmniFocus. Today, I have 59 TASKS pending. My weekly “Look-a-Head” is done over the weekend, I’ll probably add 10 TASKS and eliminate 5. At the moment I have 149 emails that have come in since Monday that have not been filed yet. Typically, I’ll probably delete about 10% of the EMAILS and file the rest.

    I miss OneNote, which I used to use when I was a PC guy. Instead, I use MS Word, in the NOTEBOOK LAYOUT VIEW, as a substitute.

    I am hopeful that Microsoft will one day improve the Mac Software products up to or surpass the PC versions of Office. I use a Mac, because it is so superior to a typical PC. I wish Microsoft would swallow it’s pride, and prosper by improving its Mac Software.

    Although, it should be said that Microsoft’s Mac Software is still better than the Apple Software for their own Mac. Both Softwares could be a lot better.

    Good luck to all of you.

    — spb

  42. I love Outlook 2011, even more than Outlook 2010 for PC. My only issue is that I use an exchange server and cannot find anything GTD that will work with Outlook 2011 and exchange. Suggestions?

  43. My employer has, without notice, made Outlook the only email app we can use to access our email. I found this out after not being able to collect email for two days on Apple Mail. IT services at my employer have said this is because they no longer support “3rd party email apps”. I have explained that Apple Mail is not 3rd party on the Mac, but is the ‘native’ email app for the platform — Microsoft Outlook is the 3rd party email app on the Mac! But (as in the tradition of IT gatekeepers) they refuse to bend to reason, claiming that Microsoft is “secure” and Apple is not! I have 20 years of email archive relating to networks and projects. Outlook currently does not event support folders ‘on my Mac’, everything having to be stored on Microsoft’s servers. They also do not even support HTML signatures.
    I am a long time user of MailTags. I have around 50 projects and tags set up, as well around 80 rules that automatically tag and file incoming messages. I link to Omnifocus tasks arising from messages, using an AppleScript to do this.
    All this work in developing my GTD workflow over the past ten years is being wiped away by some ignorant (and factually incorrect) IT decision.
    I am, understandably, very frustrated and angry at this.
    Microsoft sells Outlook for Mac without many of the basic features completed (local folders and HTML signatures being only two in a long, long list). I am so depressed at having to move to this second-rate system and rebuild my entire workflow.

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