Looking back over a year of doing GTD

Date: Friday, August 05, 2011 by GTD Times Staff

A Community Contribution from Björn Ljunggren, a GTD Connect member from Sweden. He shared this in our members-only Forums and we thought it was such a great story that he gave us permission to share it with our GTD Times readers.

My little GTD baby is celebrating its first birthday and it is time to look at the giant leaps and small steps taken towards a “mind like water”.

Even though I bought the book in 2007 I just implemented parts of GTD. I fell of the wagon a lot during these first years and had a major crisis in 2009 when my whole digital GTD system crashed together with the hard The second year is probably going to be more driven by spirit though. More around values, purpose and principles.

So how about “Mind like water” then? Not even close. But I’ll keep trying!

Life is good

5 Responses to “Looking back over a year of doing GTD”

  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks. I’m interested in the tools being used successfully, as you have Home/Work combined. That would be tricky, in my case, given the nature of my work (a regulated industry), but I can think of some possibilities. Also, how are you doing things differently since your data crash (i.e., how are you backing up)?

  2. Duckienz says:

    Awesome. Congratulations! I, too, have had reduced metal noise and it has made a huge difference in my life. I have been able to connect with my spirituality as well and have launched a new career as my purpose has become clearer. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Andre Bor says:

    Björn, thanks for sharing your inspirational story. Sweden is my favorite country for spending my holiday, because there’s less stress (and a lot more forests!) than here in The Netherlands. That’s what I thought…

    Your story makes me renew my vision on Sweden 😉 Great to hear that GTD gave you more balance in life. Keep it going! For the sake of our Swedish fellows, and for the sake of my stressfree holiday 😉

  4. BjornLjunggren says:

    Thanks all! 🙂

    My system is based around Googles programs. I use Gmail as my next actions (I mail myself…) and Projects as well in Gmail. My Calender is Google’s and Goals/Vision/Purpose I have in Google Docs. So as you can see, I put all my stuff in the “cloud”, that was the lesson I learned after the carsh. 🙂 I also have an Android phone off course!

    I also put my work in Gmail although we have Outlook at work. May seem unnecessary but in the process of sending e-mails from Outlook to Gmail I decide what the e-mail means to me and if it’s worth a next action or if it can be trashed/archived. I throw away a lot of e-mails this way!


  5. AL says:

    Hi, can elaborate a bit more on actions in Gmail? Thank you.

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