GTD and Mega Millions

Date: Saturday, March 31, 2012 by GTD Times Staff

With all the news leading up to the Mega Millions $640 million jackpot, lots of people have been asking each other, “What would you do if you won the lottery?”

Along a similar line, David Allen recently asked in a tweet, “With nothing left to do, what would you do?” Some people have leveraged that question to consider what they would still choose to put on their to do lists, even if all the items that they have to do because of money were no longer there. Of course winning the lottery could mean you’d have a whole new set of financial projects and actions. But for the moment, set aside financial management on the runway to 20,000 levels. Assume your new fortune is on cruise control, and you can put your attention anywhere else you choose.

How would winning a jackpot change the way your to do list represents your goals and purposes in the higher levels of the horizons of focus model? And is there any of that you can start moving forward on, even before you win the lottery?

4 Responses to “GTD and Mega Millions”

  1. Carl says:

    More time with family to start. Figure out what else after that. Might go to school and study some things i gave up to make a living.

  2. Niels Gouman says:

    I’d build companies.

    Already have plenty of idea’s. With 640 million you’d have plenty of money to pay people to do the work. Good for the economy and such

    I might even buy a house at some point

  3. Clinton Skakun says:

    With millions of dollars there’d be a lot more things to do. All the places to travel, as you know there’s never enough places you can go, even if you have more than enough money. I personally would like to travel to as many places in the world as I can in my life time.

    Another aspect that would be great about having “too much money” as Felix Dennis says, is being able to live a another level of society and experience what it feels like to live at that level of wealth. For some people it’s a minus because they’re more comfortable living at a level of poverty. However, I think it’s a great experience to learn how to deal with that level of wealth.

    The most important part, as I see it, is freedom of time. You can spend way more time focusing on your passions and less time working for someone else. There’s an endless number of languages to learn, books to read, new movies to watch, new music to listen to, new hobbies to take up and so on. At that point you have the time to do things that other people only dream of.

  4. deepak says:

    Well I really liked studying it. This subject offered by you is very effective for good planning.

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