The New GTD Times

Date: Tuesday, March 04, 2014 by GTD Staff


Buckminster Fuller was fond of saying that we must think comprehensively. Said another way, we need to widen the lens to see the whole.

As we ponder and create the next chapter of GTD’s cultural evolution, it is easy to fall prey to packaging GTD as “organization and productivity.” In fact, we have limited our own destiny at times by playing small. The reality is that GTD matters most because it has the power and capability to transform lives. In a world of expanding chaos, the GTD methodology is a simple discipline that brings order to the chaos. Imagine having the freedom to create, the freedom to elevate strategic-thinking, and most importantly the freedom and space to be present in your daily lives. Simply put, GTD creates the conditions to flourish.

We are proud to offer you the new GTD Times. Our goal is to give you a biweekly bonfire of storytelling that informs, excites, and inspires. We’ll keep it simple. We’ll keep it intimate with wonderful human-interest stories. Most importantly, we will try to make it inviting and entertaining.


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