GTD Changed My Life

The note below came in to David recently, so we thought we’d share it with you!

“I wanted to follow up and express a tremendous amount of gratitude for your contribution to the meeting last week. It was wonderful to be walked through the workflow diagram and have “it” all in one place. Having the illustrations of idea man, and umbrella man I think really let it hit home for folks including myself. I appreciate the decades of experience, trials, errors, successes, and redesign it took to get GTD where it is today, and exemplified in your walkthrough of the workflow for us. During the three days of the meeting, people kept coming up to me and telling me how much the book has helped them and how much they appreciated your contribution. Additionally at the end of the meeting we do a ‘what went well, what could have been better’ session in which all small groups report back to the whole chapter. Your talk was a highlight for every group there.

You have spent likely the last 40 years hearing from people how you have changed their lives for the better. In fact, the majority of your life you have been hearing about how you have changed people’s lives. I want to add my voice to that chorus. As loud as that chorus is, and as many times as you have heard it, I know why you do this work, and so I want to say….in my life….mission accomplished, and thank you. You have improved the quality of my life tremendously and allowed me to support others. I’m sure the road was not straight, clear or easy….so thank you for the perseverance…”

-Rancher, GTD Practitioner


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