GTD through a Life-Threatening Illness

When the unexpected occurs, your GTD system is there for you.  Here’s a note David received from a GTD Enthusiast:

“I want to say thanks for your work, and give you yet another testimonial that the GTD approach works, even for a beginner.  I’ve been working on GTD for a little less than a year now.

Last week, my wife was diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening medical condition.  Obviously, that ‘input’ blew away all my plans and goals for the short term, and had the potential to throw me seriously out of control.

However, I had just completed a weekly review.  I was able to quickly look through my project list and move a bunch of personal projects to someday/maybe to free time and clear space.  Thanks to the review, I also knew that nothing was going to blow up at work while I attended to my wife’s health.  There is no way that process would have been as painless or as low-stress without the tools of GTD.

One of the things I appreciate about the GTD approach is how grounded and pragmatic it is – it really resonates with me.  Having a language and a framework to work with is really helpful.”

-GTD Fan

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