Living My Dream with GTD

It’s exciting to hear first-hand what is possible with GTD! David received this letter from a GTD fan:

“We’ve never met and you don’t know me. I’ve never attended one of your workshops. Your coaches have never visited my office, though I am a mere two hours or so from Ojai. But you’ve changed my life. When I first discovered your book 3 years ago, I was making a tolerable living as a self-employed software developer. I’d built that business, with my partner, into something that enabled us to excape the 22-foot trailer we lived in, and to buy a modest home in Lompoc. I wasn’t a millionare but I was doing okay. The only problem was that I hated the life I was building. By applying the tools of GTD, I was able to free up the resources to get clear about what I wanted. And what I wanted was to write and to make a difference in my community. Having understood that, GTD gave me the tools and structure to make it happen. As I write this, 3 years later, it’s hard to believe how far I’ve come. I’ve written for pay, more than 150 newspaper articles. I’ve ghostwritten a book, and have two more in the works. I’m 95 pages into the first draft of a mystery novel. The rape crisis center where I volunteered voted me “Volunteer of the Year”, and my parter and I recently became licensed foster parents. I’ve still got miles to go before I sleep, as Robert Frost might say, but I’m on the road and I couldn’t have done it without GTD…I thought to say thanks when thanks is due. It is for that reason that I am writing, to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me through your work the tools to reach my dreams and the courage to believe I can.”

-Writer and Ideasmith, GTD Enthusiast

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