Soaring with the GTD Two-Minute Rule

A reminder from a customer that implementing even one piece of the GTD methodology can have major positive effects:

“Just wanted to send my success story describing how ‘Getting Things Done’ has changed who I am! I was a little apprehensive at first wondering if the tips would be geared mainly for the workplace and not enough for the home front, which is where I desperately needed help. The two-minute rule now has my family watching me fly around the house with their mouths hanging open. Always one to absolutely dread housework and needing to get major work done in the summer since I work September-May for a school district, I would procrastinate because I was at a loss to know where to begin, and the dust would continue to sit. I would find excuses and continually hop in the car day after day to avoid bigger cleaning projects.   Just from the two-minute rule alone, I even challenge myself to squeeze a three-minute job into two minutes and bounding up and downstairs within my time limit, has now caused me to have a five pound weight loss.  I feel happier and more productive than ever. While the rest of the family watches TV in the evening, I continue to graze to see what else I can squeeze into my day! I feel a secret has been revealed to me and I could never go back to my old lifestyle. Such a simple concept but what a monumental change it has made in my life!”

-GTD Enthusiast

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