GTD Saved My Job

Date: Monday, May 04, 2015 by GTD Staff

We love getting testimonials from fellow GTD Practitioners!

“Yesterday marks my fifth anniversary of the beginning of my GTD journey. Yes, I’ve stuck with the program for five years and I’m still enthusiastically living the GTD lifestyle. It saved my sanity five years ago; this year it played a major role in saving my job and rebuilding a tarnished image. I ended up in a very bad situation because of the way I handled being left without steady project work for a long period of time after several weeks of training. My skills rusted and my attitude and self-confidence deteriorated; I found myself in a state of learned helplessness. Then one day I found myself faced with being fired if I didn’t “shape up”; with that reprimand finally came a long-term assignment that would no doubt be the deciding factor of whether or not I would remain employed. It turned into an opportunity unlike any other I’ve had in my career and GTD played a major role in my making the most of it. In the past year I’ve gone from being marked as an underperforming employee on the verge of losing his job to a high performer with multiple awards for special effort and achievement. GTD provided the framework I needed to exhibit the highly efficient and effective behavior that allowed me to get my skills and my confidence back into gear and perform at my best. I also had the good fortune of being noticed by one of the product owners who through a mentoring relationship helped me to overcome the bad PR and create a new image. It also led to a new job within the company; I’m now closely working with him on his team. To repay what he’s done for me I intend to share GTD with him once he has the bandwidth to learn it. One of the greatest needs a person has is the need to know he/she is making a difference. You’ve made a huge difference in my life more than once and I’m forever grateful.”

-GTD Practitioner

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